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SHOCKING VIDEO: J6 Political Prisoner and Green Beret Jeremy Brown Rescued Female Trump Supporter from DEADLY US Capitol Police Beating – WOMAN WAS NEARLY KILLED

12/08/21 (Jeremy Brown’s actual crime was refusing to be an FBI informant on January 6th.  So the Feds arrested him months later. The FBI sent 20 vehicles for his arrest. DHS and Pinellas County law enforcement were also present. The FBI was in Jeremy’s home for 5-and-a-half hours looking for evidence. We were told the FBI did not read Jeremy his rights. )

‘Hospital death camps’: Attorney says COVID patients are trapped and receiving harmful treatments

12/07/21 (The attorney said federally-funded hospitals are ‘economically incentivized’ to keep patients hospitalized and on potentially harmful drugs, even against their will.)

‘Damning’ Ivermectin tape exposes pressure by Big Pharma to suppress Ivermectin, RFK Jr.’s new book reveals

12/07/21 (Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s new book, 'The Real Anthony Fauci,' includes a revealing transcript — printed here — of a conversation with Dr. Andrew Hill, who admitted to caving to pressure to downplay the benefits of ivermectin as a COVID treatment.)

Governments know lockdowns, jabs don’t work: They’re seizing our freedoms because we let them

12/07/21 (More and more people feel like something is “off” about our response to the “COVID” pandemic. This pandemic is claimed by political establishment prophets to be the first time in history that we need universal, worldwide “vaccination” to dissipate a respiratory pathogen. The proffered “vaccines” do not provide sterilizing immunity; rather, they lead to regular “breakthrough” infections. Yet we are directed to “mix and match” them as we like, on a regular basis, in order to eat in restaurants and attend events.)

THE HOLOCAUST RETURNS: EU wants to abolish Nuremberg Code, reconstitute medical fascism with forced covid “vaccination”

12/07/21 (As we reported reptilian European Commission head Ursula von der Leyen is talking about forcing Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” on all of Europe, which some are calling a reconstitution of 1940s medical fascism and the abolishment of the Nuremberg Code.)

Pfizer smoking-gun secret document: their deadly COVID vaccine

12/07/21 (In the secret document, Pfizer does list 1,223 deaths occurring after just three months of the vaccine rollout. This should have been sufficient to cause a complete halt to the vaccination program.)

MUST SEE VIDEO: Greene, Gaetz, Gohmert, and Gosar Release “Unusually Cruel” Report on DC Jail and Unusual and Cruel Treatment of J6 Defendants

12/07/21 (The J6 prisoners have no idea when they are going to court.  They have no ability for a bailout.  No ability to see their family.  They are being mistreated and abused more than we treat terrorists. In the report released today the guards continued to argue with the US Representatives about seeing the J6 prisoners. These are not good people.)

J6 Attorney: Undercover Law Enforcement Officer Passed Out Weapons to J6 Protesters Who Were Later Arrested – Clear Entrapment (VIDEO)

12/07/21 (J6 Attorney Joseph McBride joined Tucker Carlson on Monday night to discuss the ongoing persecution of the Jan. 6 protesters by the Biden regime. McBride is representing several January 6th prisoners. He went on to discuss the video footage he saw from inside the US Capitol “tunnel” on the afternoon of January 6th. McBride also is looking for several federal operatives who were observed that day.)

"Absolute And Unmitigated Liars": Former DC National Guard Official Says Generals Fabricated January 6th Account

12/06/21 (A former DC National Guard official has accused two senior Army officials of lying to Congress about the circumstances surrounding the January 6th Capitol riot in order to protect a top Army official who didn't want to send the Guard to the Capitol, Politico reports.)

Austria’s lockdown enforcer sworn in as chancellor as country braces for mandatory COVID vaccines

12/06/21 (Karl Nehammer was sworn in Monday as the new chancellor of Austria amid chaos in the Austrian government and plans to mandate COVID vaccination for all residents.)

How many in the federal government are vaxxed?

12/06/21 (The White House compliance numbers are very high and seem to involve only two separate methods of "measurement," which both appear designed to hide the nuances of the actual compliance rates within departments and agencies.)

Dr. Ben Carson nails it on the suppression of existing therapies for COVID: ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine

12/06/21 (Despite the lack of so-called "gold standard" double-blind studies, we now effectively know that early (off-label) use of the anti-parasite/anti-malarial drugs hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin can have a significant effect on reducing COVID mortality — especially when used in conjunction with other substances like azithromycin, zinc, and Vitamin D.)

How Much Longer for COVID Scare Tactics?

12/04/21 (​o, here we are again: A new COVID variant has appeared on the world stage, this one called 'omicron,' supposedly originating in South Africa. It’s already been detected in Europe and Canada, and the inestimable Dr. Anthony Fauci opines it’s a matter of “when” not “if” it’s a major factor here in the U.S. With Pavlovian predictability, the Democrats have shifted into an even higher “Vaccinate Now!” overdrive gear.)

Poll Shows Democrats Are Terrified of the Omicron Variant – Republicans Can Not Care Less

12/02/21 (A poll at YouGov.com shows that Democrats act like sheep who believe nearly everything the corrupt media tells them about the China coronavirus while Republicans have the ability to think for themselves.)

80 House Republicans Vote to Fund Federal Vaccine Database to Spy on Americans

12/02/21 (The Immunization Infrastructure Modernization Act of 2021 will give the federal government information on your vaccination status for the next mandate they have planned. This will make it easier for the government to target you and strip you of your rights and income.
80 Republicans see this as a good thing.)


Court Orders FDA To Comply With FOIA and Release Information On Pfizer Vaccine – First Batch of Documents Shows Over 1,200 Vaccine Deaths WITHIN FIRST 90 DAYS

12/02/21 (The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released the first batch of documents related to Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine after a federal judge ordered that they must comply with a massive Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request that was filed by a government accountability group called Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency. According to an official Pfizer document that is titled Cumulative Analysis of Post-Authorization Adverse Event Records Reports, in just the first 90 days of the vaccine’s roll out under the FDA’s EUA – from December 1st. 2020 – February 28th, 2021 – there were TENS OF THOUSANDS of reported adverse reactions, including OVER 1200 DEATHS. )


BRILLIANT: If COVID Omicron Variant Is as Mild as Indicated Why Not Let It Run Its Course and and Protect the Vulnerable with Therapeutics?

12/02/21 (Ph.D. and retired Army Colonel Lawrence Sellin questions the current actions taken against the new COVID variant Omicron. Sellin asks that if the Omicron variant is mild, as is now indicated, why not let it run its course and protect the vulnerable with therapeutics?  Vaccines are certainly not the answer. .)

Vicious Liz Cheney Threatens President Trump with “Criminal Penalties” if He Debates Election Results with J6 Committee (VIDEO)

12/02/21 (The turncoat Republican and serial liar warned President Trump that any “lying” about the election results could result in criminal penalties. Cheney hopes that if she gaslights the American public long enough they will excuse the fraud in the 2020 election. Weakling GOP House Leader Kevin McCarthy allows this from Republican Caucus members.They both need to go)

Psaki Falsely Claims Trump Told People to “Inject Bleach” After Peter Doocy Points Out There Have Been More Covid Deaths Under Biden Than Trump (VIDEO)

12/01/21 (Pelosi and Joe Biden have both spread dangerous misinformation about Trump telling people to inject bleach. President Trump in an April 2020 presser was referring to discussions of testing ultraviolet light on patients and possibly using the light inside the body. “And then I see the disinfectant, where it knocks it [the virus] out in a minute. One minute. And is there a way we can do something like that, by injection inside, or almost a cleaning, cause you see it gets in the lungs.” While they were mocking Trump for suggesting light therapy, bio-tech firm Aytu BioScience announced they were partnering with the FDA and Cedars-Sinai on a UV light treatment to kill the coronavirus in intubated patients.)

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: DOJ Is Trying to Prevent Funding to J6 Attorneys and Cripple the Defense of J6 Defendants (AUDIO)

12/01/21 (Earlier today we reported on Sidney Powell’s non-profit being attacked by the DOJ.  We now know why the DOJ is going after Sidney Powell. This is why the DOJ is going after Sidney Powell’s non-profit Defending the Republic because she is funding the legal fees for the political prisoners the DOJ is holding in jails across the country.  The DOJ knows that if the legal fees are gone, the Jan 6 political prisoners will lose their funding and then will agree to plea deals, not in their best interest and pushed on them by the corrupt DOJ.)


Secretary of Defense Sends out Memo to Force Full Vaccination of All Members of the Armed Forces Under DoD Authority –

11/30/21 (Today the Secretary of Defense dropped another memorandum to all the Secretaries of the Military Departments.  The memo directs the secretaries to immediately begin full vaccination of all members of the Armed Forces.  This includes all members under Department of Defense authority on active duty or in the Ready Reserve including the National Guard.)

There Are Now 365 Studies that Prove the Efficacy of Ivermectin and HCQ in Treating COVID-19 — Will Anyone Confront Fauci and The Medical Elites on Their Deception?

11/25/21 (Despite the science, Dr. Fauci and the medical elites have blocked the use of these effective treatments for coronavirus patients. Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of the mRNA vaccines, accused Dr. Fauci and others of lying and causing the death of over 500,000 Americans by preventing HCQ and Ivermectin, and other treatments from COVID-19 patients.)

Do They Teach Math in Pennsylvania? First, the State Overcounts Ballots for Joe Biden, Now the Number of People Vaccinated is Overcounted by One Million

11/25/21 (In human terms, it equals 1,076,911 adult Pennsylvanians who were believed to be fully vaccinated on Tuesday and who, as it turns out, are not, according to data from health department spokeswoman Maggi Barton. Reached by email late Wednesday afternoon, Barton said the change resulted from removing duplicate vaccination records and correcting data related to first, second and booster doses.)

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Dr. Zelenko to The Gateway Pundit: CDC’s Response to COVID-19 “A Crime Against Humanity. Mass Murder. And Genocide…”

11/23/21 (“I’m a clinician. I define success as keeping my patients above ground…Ivermectin keeps my patients alive, so it’s a very good drug…when you find a cheap, generic solution to a global crisis, the stakeholders that have pushed the vaccine angle and in-patient hospital treatment get very upset with you because you’re reducing their market share.”)

Hunter Biden's firm helped China gain control of essential electric-car battery component

11/22/21 (Deal happened under Joe Biden's watch as vice president. Hunter Biden’s investment firm helped broker a 2016 deal that gave a Chinese state-backed company control of a massive African mine rich in cobalt — a mineral essential for the production of electric car batteries.)

Robert Kennedy Jr. exposes Gates, Fauci, and gov’t collusion in interview with Tucker Carlson

11/22/21 (Kennedy explained how the Vaccine Act in 1986, collusion between Dr. Anthony Fauci and billionaire Bill Gates, and Gates' ties to the World Health Organization have contributed to vaccines that are never safety tested.)

EXCLUSIVE | Nurse Blows The Whistle On Heinous Medical Malpractice: Doctors Abandoned Protocol and Covid Patients Died

11/22/21 (A nurse who has worked in the intensive care unit for over two decades is sounding the alarm on the disturbing malpractice she has witnessed and was subjected to in a hospital’s intensive care unit throughout the coronavirus pandemic. As the medical community adjusts to treating the man-made virus, a Chi-com bioweapon, the end of the “state of emergency” appears to have no end.)

A brief summary of the Kyle Rittenhouse case, from riots to the courthouse

11/20/21 (This is a young man who had good reason to believe that he would spend a large part of his life in prison, either dodging those who wished to kill him or living in solitary confinement to avoid his would-be killers.)

Onward Into Darkness

11/19/21 (Tripping over the doorsill into “Joe Biden’s” dark winter, what do you see out in the gathering gloom? That old Shining City on a Hill is looking more like Detroit in a sleet-storm, with dumpster fires sputtering here and there in the broken streets. The darkness descending is something more ominous than any ordinary night. In the shadows, an insectile legion seems to be stealing away with what remains of your country.)

Abp. Viganò calls for Anti-Globalist Alliance to stop global enslavement of humanity

11/18/21 ('Let us free humanity from a totalitarian regime that brings together in itself the horrors of the worst dictatorships of all time.' This global coup d’état deprives citizens of any possibility of defense, since the legislative, executive, and judicial powers are complicit in the violation of law, justice, and the purpose for which they exist. It is a global coup d’état because this criminal attack against citizens extends to the whole world, with very rare exceptions.)

FDA Wants Until 2076 To Fully Release Pfizer Vaccine Data: Lawsuit

11/18/21 (The FDA has asked a federal judge to make the public wait until the year 2076 to disclose all of the data and information it relied upon to license Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine. That is not a typo. It wants 55 years to produce this information to the public. So, let’s get this straight. The federal government shields Pfizer from liability.  Gives it billions of dollars.  Makes Americans take its product.  But won’t let you see the data supporting its product’s safety and efficacy.  Who does the government work for? )

World’s most vaccinated region cancels Christmas for ‘drastic’ rise in COVID cases

11/17/21 (Gibraltar has now given 279 doses of the COVID injections per 100 people on the peninsula.  The evidence is suggesting that those COVID-19 “vaccines,” recently identified as “gene therapy” rather than vaccinations, are not really doing the job consumers have been led to believe they would do. This was recently evidenced as officials in Gibraltar recently canceled Christmas because of rising COVID case numbers. Gibraltar is the region in which residents were told they lived in the “most vaccinated country in the world.”)

Dr. Fauci: ‘There is a Misplaced Perception About People’s Individual Right to Make a Decision that Supersedes the Societal Safety’ (VIDEO)

11/15/21 (“One of the things that to me was most difficult to accept is that we put together a good plan for how we were going to try and dampen down the spread of infection early on thinking that that was accepted by everybody,” Fauci said to Koppel. “And then, the next day you have the president [Trump] saying, ‘Free Michigan. Free Virginia.’ I didn’t quite understand what the purpose of that was, except to put this misplaced perception about people’s individual right to make a decision that supersedes the societal safety. That, to me, is one of the things that, I think, went awry in all of this.”)


Latest UK Study Reveals 99.995% of Children And Young People SURVIVE Covid-19; Only Two-in-A-Million Chance to Be Fatal

11/15/21 (Astonishingly, out of the over 12 million children and young people who live in England, just 25 passed away due to complications directly related to the China Virus that has locked down the entire world. In other words, children and young people are almost 2x more likely – or at the very least, just as likely – to be struck and killed by lightning. In fact, the study also found that the mortality rate for children and young people overall is 125x HIGHER than their chance of dying from Covid-19. Exactly what science is being followed with these mandates again?)

RFK Jr. Completely DISMANTLES the “Covid Misinformation” Narrative – “It’s a Euphemism For Any Statement That Departs From Official Government Policy” – “They Are Engineering Destruction of Democracy Worldwide”

11/14/21 (In one part of Kennedy’s speech, he takes direct aim at the Left’s completely bogus “Covid misinformation” narrative, which he says is being pushed by “government officials who are colluding with tech “titans” to engineer “the destruction of our democracy and civil rights.”)

Oklahoma Doctors Have Tremendous Success in Treating Nursing Home COVID Patients with Ivermectin

11/14/21 (“The government is trying to overreach their authority… Doctors have been pretty autonomous ever since there was the first doctor. The doctor could think for himself and do what he thought was right for a patient. And I don’t think the government ought to be telling doctors how to practice medicine.” — Dr. John Sutton)


Dr. Fauci Admits Vaccines Did Not Work as Advertised and that Vaccinated Are in Great Danger Today (VIDEO)

11/14/21 (It should be clear by now that the pandemic will not end until Dr. Fauci is removed and replaced. For over a year Dr. Fauci has blocked successful treatments and over-promised on ineffective vaccines.  But at least Big Pharma made record profits. )


Medicine Wants to Kill You

11/09/2021 (Poster-boy for this epic debacle was Dr. Eric J Rubin, editor of the New England Journal of Medicine who, serving on the CDC’s advisory vaccine committee, actually said, “We’re never gonna learn how safe the vaccine is until we start giving it.” How are the doctors and public health officials behaving in the face of all this? Pushing ever more strenuously for the forced vaccination of everybody of all ages, no matter what, and vilifying anyone who militates for respecting informed consent to be vaccinated. The net result is that doctors appear to have violated en masse their Hippocratic oath of ethics which calls on them to first do no harm.)

The Big Truth: Election 2020 Really Was Rigged

11/06/21 (Mollie Hemingway has written a blockbuster book about all the strands of deception and falsehoods that converged to take down Donald Trump on Nov. 3 and 4 and beyond (and before) in her book: Rigged: How the Media, Big Tech and the Democrats Seized Our Elections (Regnery, 2021). Hemingway’s conclusion: It is clear that the Dem party has followed a pattern of cheating, inch by inch, for a long time. )

Senior US Army doctor: ‘I believe the COVID vaccine is a greater threat to soldiers’ health than the virus itself’

11/05/21 (Lt. Col. Theresa Long, a U.S. Army doctor, recounted a multitude of vaccine injury stories involving soldiers.  A senior U.S. army doctor said that COVID vaccines are more dangerous to the health of American soldiers than COVID itself after she had ground “three out of three soldiers” in only one morning due to adverse reactions to the vaccine.)

GOP Poll Worker in 2020 Detroit: 'They Treated Me Like a Criminal!'

11/06/21 (In a soon-to-be-released report, called “TCF Timeline - The 2020 General Election in Detroit,” from Michigan Citizens for Election Integrity, author Phillip O’Halloran meticulously details the disturbing events at the absentee voter counting boards at the TCF Center in Detroit during the 2020 election, which can only be characterized as 'fraud.')

‘Total disregard for the exemption process’: Nurse exposes the manipulation from hospital admins

11/05/21 (Nurse Dani tells her story of standing against the manipulation from her hospital administration to have her and others get the COVID jab, and why she chose to resign rather than get an exemption.)

The latest Durham indictment is a big one

11/05/21 (The Democrats' nefarious Russia hoax, which sucked time, life, and political capital out of the Trump presidency, is really getting exposed.  With the arrest of Igor Danchenko and the release of the indictment behind the arrest, we're finally getting a chance to see that the Russia hoax was a fraud from beginning to end and that it reached the highest echelons of Hillary Clinton's circles.)

BREAKING: Lawsuit Filed Against Michigan’s Dishonest Sec of State Jocelyn Benson...Legal Group Found Nearly 26K Potentially Dead Voters On Voter Rolls...4K Dead For At Least 20 Yrs

11/05/21 After analyzing Michigan’s voter rolls and verifiable death records, The Public Interest Legal Foundation revealed that, as of August 2021:

25,975 potentially deceased registrants are on Michigan’s voter rolls.

23,663 of those deceased registrants have been dead for five years or more.

17,479 of those deceased registrants have been dead for at least ten years.

3,956 of those deceased registrants have been dead for at least twenty years.

100,450,000 People Not in Labor Force – No Job and Not Even Looking

11/05/21 (The Labor Department’s Bureau of Labor Statistics announced on Friday that 100,450,000 people in this country were not in the labor force in October, up 38,000 from the 100,412,000 in September. This is the 14th straight month that this “not in the labor force” number has remained above 100,000,000.)

NJ ELECTION UPDATE: 56 Voting Machines Were Shut Down, Shipped To Warehouse On Election Night In Dem Stronghold County Where Gov Murphy Got Over 113K Votes

11/04/21 ( “Those machines are at the polling place right now. Those machines have to be brought back to the warehouse. A judge will issue an order for us to open those machines, retrieve the results and post those results.”)

The Daily Wire Sues Biden Regime Over Unconstitutional Vaccine Mandate

11/04/21 (President Biden, the federal government, social media, and the establishment media have conspired to rob Americans of their freedoms in the name of public health. They have broken faith with the American people through conflicting messaging, false information, and by suppressing data and perspectives with which they disagree.” “… the federal government has no power under the Constitution to force half the U.S. private sector workforce — 80 million workers or more — to be vaccinated against their will or endure repeated medical testing as a condition of simply earning a living.”)

Rand Paul accuses Fauci of ‘trying to cover his a–‘, demands his resignation at Senate hearing

11/04/21 (Paul went on to accuse Fauci of changing the definition of gain-of-function, saying  “There’s the preponderance of evidence now points towards this coming from the lab and what you’ve done is change the definition on your website to try to cover your a–“. )

11 doctors injured by COVID shot go public, urge CDC and FDA to acknowledge vaccine risks

11/03/21 ('A group of very sick and injured people in this country are being treated very poorly and with complete lack of dignity and empathy. It is time for this to stop,” said one physician who was affected by her COVID-19 shot in December. Eleven physicians who suffered serious injuries from their COVID-19 injections have gone public, urging federal agencies and other doctors to recognize the risks posed by the experimental drugs, conduct thorough investigations, and provide transparency to all those considering taking the shots, according to a story published by the Catholic World Report on Monday.)

Democrat “blood bath” signals turning point for human AWAKENING… the counteroffensive has been launched against the tyranny, stupidity and CRIMINALITY of the unforgivable Left

10/03/21 (Democrats were slaughtered in yesterday’s elections, with American voters sending an undeniable message of opposition against radical left-wing politics, Critical Race Theory, vaccine mandates and seemingly endless inflation. GOP candidate Glenn Youngkin took the Virginia governorship, and Republicans even managed to win a majority in the Virginia House. Amazingly, the far-left radicals in the Democrat party think these losses are the result of not being radical enough.)

One Year After the Greatest Steal in History – No Indictments, No Arrests, No Media Frenzy, and Only Protesters In Jail

11/03/21 (One year ago today President Donald Trump was in the process of being elected to the greatest Presidential win in US history.  Then the greatest steal in world history came crashing down on America. We uncovered all sorts of anomalies.  We reviewed data from election night and found millions of Trump votes that were either switched to Biden or lost.  We saw vans under arenas secretly dropping off tens of thousands of ballots for Biden in the middle of the night in Detroit.  We saw hidden suitcases dragged out from under tables in Atlanta with thousands of ballots all rammed into vote tabulation machines with only Democrats present.   We saw boxes taped to windows so no one could see what was going on in rooms where counting was taking place. Court cases were presented to courts but were never heard.  In those that were heard, President Trump won 71% of the time.)

Steve Cortes Reveals New Truth in Hijacked 2020 Election – The 2020 Presidential Vote was Not Valid

11/13/21 (Steve Cortes: “The equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment was massively violated. You cannot subject the game day Trump voters to entirely different and stricter standards than mail-in voters. This was one of the principal reasons why the 2020 presidential vote was not valid.”)

How governmental COVID measures caused more harm than COVID itself

11/13/21 (We found out very early, about one month in (April 2020), that these lockdowns, school closures, and mask mandates were devastating and killing people, and we shifted the burden to the poor in our societies who were least able to shield and be locked down. )

'Falsified Data': Pfizer Vaccine Trial Had Major Flaws, Whistleblower Tells Peer-Reviewed Journal

11/02/21 (A whistleblower involved in Pfizer's pivotal phase III Covid-19 vaccine trial has leaked evidence to a notable peer-reviewed medical publication that poor practices at the contract research company she worked for raise questions about data integrity and regulatory oversight. Brook Jackson, a now-fired regional director at Ventavia Research Group, revealed to The BMJ that vaccine trials at several sites in Texas last year had major problems - including falsified data, broke fundamental rules, and were 'slow' to report adverse reactions. When she notified superiors of the issues she found, they fired her.)

Researchers Find Recipients of Johnson & Johnson Covid Vaccine are 3.5X More Likely Than General Population to Develop Rare, Deadly Blood Clotting Condition in Brain

11/02/21 (The study, which was published on Monday in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), found that recipients of the one-shot J&J vaccine are 3.5 times more likely (8.65 per 100,000) to develop cerebral venous sinus thrombosis (CVST) when compared to the general population (2.34 per 100,000).)

IT’S HAPPENING AGAIN – Judge In Virginia Dismisses Case – Allows Fairfax County to Include Absentee and Mail-In Ballots in Governor Election that Violate the Law

11/02/21 (A lawsuit filed last week by the Virginia Institute for Public Policy said the Fairfax County Office of Elections accepted applications for absentee and mail-in ballots without the last four digits of applicants’ Social Security numbers in violation of Virginia law.)

Fake News FREAKS OUT over Tucker Carlson’s Jan.6 Investigation — And They Haven’t Even Seen It Yet!

11/02/21 (Tucker Carlson released his three part series on the Jan. 6 protests and storming of the US Capitol this week. And the FOX News host has the left in a frenzy as their lies about this protest and set-up begin to unravel. Grabien put together a collage of the left-wing meltdown. Note: Not a single one of these fake news hacks have even seen the entire production. Anyone who trusts the mainstream media at this point is just not paying attention.)

FAUCI’S BIGGEST LIE: “Lie of Omission Committed on January 28th, 2020” – Peter Navarro (AUDIO)

11/02/21 (Navarro also blasted Dr. Fauci for claiming travel bans don’t work early on in the pandemic during his interview with Rose Unplugged. Fauci didn’t come clean and millions died.)

Wisconsin’s Racine County GOP Finds 23,000 Voters with the Same Phone Number and 4,000 Voters Registered on 1/1/1918 (Biden Awarded State by 20,000 Votes)

11/01/21 (In addition, the Sheriff in Racine uncovered an elderly voting scheme where nursing homes were targeted and votes harvested from the elderly in these homes without their consent.)

EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT From Peter Navarro’s New Book IN TRUMP TIME — “A Rogue FDA With Blood On Its Hands”

11/01/21 (Now, you might think that the top doctors and scientists at the US FDA might be smart enough to distinguish between early and late-treatment use of hydroxychloroquine and shape their policies accordingly. Yet you would be wrong. Indeed, the FDA committed one of the worst blunders of the entire pandemic by taking what amounted to a rogue and foolish action in defiance of both President Trump and the secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, Alex Azar. Here’s the story behind this important part of the story. - With its rogue directive, the FDA effectively ensured that hydroxychloroquine would be diverted from its best possible use as an early treatment for outpatients to its worst possible use as a late-treatment medicine for hospitalized patients. At least in the court of public opinion, that single decision was tantamount if not to murder, then certainly to negligent homicide.)

WONDER DRUG: New International Ivermectin Report of 64 Studies Shows 86% Success as Prophylaxis and 67% Success in Early Treatment

11/01/21 (The results mirror the over 290 studies on hydroxychloroquine that have been reported over the past year. The CDC, Dr. Fauci and the FDA ridiculed the use of the drugs to treat the China Virus despite their continued effectiveness in peer reviewed studies. At some point they are going to have to put their pride aside and admit they were wrong and the likely cause of millions of deaths from the deadly virus.)

EXPLOSIVE REVELATION: Indian Television Exposes How Pfizer Bullies and Blackmails Countries for COVID Shots – “Desperate Countries force to Make Humiliating Concessions” (VIDEO)

11/01/21 (A non-profit organization called Public Citizen obtained a confidential unredacted Pfizer contract of some of its negotiations. The contracts show how Pfizer can stop countries from speaking about its contracts, block vaccine donations, unilaterally change delivery schedules and demand public assets as collateral. “The contracts offer a rare glimpse into the power one pharmaceutical corporation has gained to silence governments, throttle supply, shift risk and maximize profits in the worst public health crisis in a century,” Public Citizen reported. )

The Freak-Out Over Tucker’s January 6 Documentary Begins

11/01/21 (The original narrative about January 6 is not to be disturbed, no matter how many facets of that original narrative have been shattered. Tucker Carlson on Wednesday night played a brief trailer for his three-part documentary looking at the events of January 6. “Patriot Purge” will premiere on Fox Nation, the network’s streaming service, on November 1.)

The FDA Failed In Its Duty To Ensure Vaccines Are Safe For Children

11/01/21 (Before parents consent to vaccinate their children against COVID, basic medical ethics requires that they be informed of how safe the vaccine is. Yet in a shocking on-video admission, Dr. Eric Ruben, an advisory committee member to the FDA, said this about the COVID vaccine in children five to eleven during an official FDA hearing: “We’re never going to learn about how safe the vaccine is until we start giving it. That’s just the way it goes.”)

DeBlasio’s New York: 19 Fire Stations Close in New York City’s Five Boroughs on Sunday Due to Personnel Shortages Caused by Vaccine Mandates

10/31/21 (According the the Uniformed Firefighters Association, 26 fire stations across New York City’s five boroughs have been closed temporarily due to personnel shortages caused by unvaccinated firefighters. Mayor Bill de Blasio gave a deadline of 5:00 p.m. Friday, October 29, for the first responders to receive at least one shot of a Covid vaccine. Those who did not get vaccinated by that time were placed on unpaid furlough.)

Michigan Police Are Hunting Down Elections Official Who Refused Corrupt, Soros-Backed Secretary of State’s Order to Destroy 2020 Election Evidence

10/30/21 (The world is upside down.  Michigan’s corrupt Secretary of State, Jocelyn Benson, walks free, after certifying a corrupt and fraudulent election, while an elections worker who opposed Benson’s efforts to delete 2020 Election evidence is sought after by the police.)

UPDATE: 71 out of 75 Districts in Uttar Pradesh, India – Its Most Populated State – Reported No Covid-19 Cases in 24 Hours After Implementing Ivermectin Protocol

10/30/21 (The 33 districts in Uttar Pradesh, India have now become free from COVID-19 government announced last month. The recovery rate has increased up to 98.7% proving the effectiveness of IVERMECTIN as part of the “Uttar Pradesh Covid Control Model.” Of course, the media won’t mention that Ivermectin is being used for the treatment of COVID-19.)

Latest Lancet Study Exposes Limits Of Vaccines At Preventing COVID Infection

10/29/21 (The Lancet has just released another study comparing the efficacy of COVID vaccines to the efficacy of protection provided by previous COVID infections. Their conclusion: while vaccines lower the risk of infections with the delta variant within households, those who are fully vaccinated are still vulnerable to a 'breakthrough' infection if somebody they live with gets infected.)

Tucker Rips 'Lying Coward' Liz Cheney After She Joins Democrat Meltdown Over His J6 Exposé

10/29/21 (On Wednesday, Fox News host Tucker Carlson released a preview for a trailer on a new series scheduled to debut next week, which tells the "true story" of the January 6th Capitol riot. It appears to both condemn the left for framing the incident as terrorism and its participants as terrorists, while exploring the potential role of the FBI in staging a false flag. And a reminder of how the left and its corporate media lapdogs framed participants, anyone who supported the protest, and their little dogs too:)



The research is in: COVID jabs are ineffective at preventing coronavirus infections

10/29/21 (Twenty-two further studies and reports provide evidence that the COVID-19 injections are failing in their advertized purpose.)

28 Million Young Vaccine Guinea Pigs, and Counting

10/29/21 (The current uncertainty surrounding the use of the vaccine on young children is so severe that one panelist, Dr. Eric Ruben, clearly determined to skip the complete set of clinical trials and other steps ordinarily involved in NDAs for vaccines, asserted that “We’re never gonna learn about how safe the vaccine is until we start giving it. That’s the way it goes.”)

UPDATE: COVID-19 Cases Plummeted in Indonesia After Government Authorized IVERMECTIN For Treatment – Big Pharma Vaccines Made Little Difference

10/29/21 (On July 15, 2021, the Indonesian Food and Drug Monitoring Agency (BPOM) finally granted the Emergency Use Authorization for Ivermectin as the therapeutic drug to cure the Covid-19. This was due to the country’s “worst-case scenario” epidemic at the time according to officials.  The number of cases were soaring in the country and the medical authorities were desperate to control the outbreak.)

WATCH: Joe Rogan, InfoWars Destroy Mainstream Media Lies to America About Ivermectin

10/18/21 (As the “government-medical-media complex.” attempts to force mass compliance with mRNA vaccination, you and anyone who diverts from the mainstream narrative is branded “conspiracy theorists” or “anti-science.”)

70 Percent of COVID-19 Deaths Both in Sweden and UK in September Were “Fully Vaccinated”

10/27/21 (Swedish Public Health Agency reported that  70% of Covid 19 deaths involved “fully vaccinated” individuals between Sept. 1 and Sept. 24, according to Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet. The country recorded about 130 fatal Covid cases during that period. UK Health Safety Agency (UKHSA) released a COVID-19 vaccine surveillance report on October 7 that showed most COVID-19 deaths in UK were among the “fully vaccinated” individuals, as were most hospitalizations in September.)

Former CDC Director Robert Redfield Claims More Than 40% COVID-19 Deaths in Maryland Were Fully Vaccinated

10/27/21 (“I hear a lot of times people feel it’s a rare event that fully vaccinated people may die. I happen to be the senior advisor to Governor Hogan in the state of Maryland. In the last 6-8 weeks, more than 40 percent of people who died in Maryland were fully vaccinated,” said Redfield when asked about Colin Powell’s death.)

FIREWORKS! Senator Cotton Unleashes on Merrick Garland: “Thank God You Are Not on the Supreme Court. You Should Resign in Disgrace, Judge” (VIDEO)

10/27/21 (A defiant Garland stood by his letter labeling parents who protest CRT “domestic terrorists” even though the National School Board Association on Friday apologized for the letter. Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) wasn’t having it and erupted on Merrick Garland for writing the threatening letter ‘citing news reports’ claiming parents were a danger to school board members.)

Corrupt Dr. Birx Claims President Trump Could Have Done More with COVID Crisis – Dr. Atlas Claims She’s Trying to Re-write History

10/26/21 (Former Trump COVID special advisor Dr. Scott Atlas slammed Dr. Deborah Birx for her reported testimony to congressional investigators as “an Orwellian attempt to rewrite history,” defending his work on the Trump COVID-19 task force, and telling Fox News that history’s “biggest failure of public health policy lies directly at the hands of” officials who recommended lockdowns during the early months of the coronavirus pandemic.)

Meet Ray Epps: The Fed-Protected Provocateur Who Appears To Have Led The Very First 1/6 Attack On The U.S. Capitol

10/25/21 (In a House hearing on Thursday, Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) questioned AG Merrick Garland about a mysterious man, Ray Epps, instructing protesters to enter the US Capitol building on January 5, and who later shepherded crowds towards the Capitol on January 6. Epps is a free man today, while others, just standing outside the Capitol have been arrested.)

‘Stop the Shot: Caught on Tape’ conference will expose doctors, hospitals that deny care to COVID patients

10/25/21 (The explosive press conference will present shocking recordings of hospital executives discussing coordinated plans to restrict fluids and nutrition for hospitalized COVID patients, suppression of all visits for COVID patients while in hospital, denial of vital medicines, and more. - Convicted felons in America are given more rights than COVID patients in America’s hospitals.)

Washington state suspends a physician assistant for prescribing ivermectin

10/21/21 (There’s a reason doctors are nervous about prescribing ivermectin, even if they think it will help. A lot of people are angry that more doctors aren't prescribing ivermectin when they first get diagnosed with COVID.  However, a Washington State physician assistant lost his license because he prescribed ivermectin.  Most doctors, having invested upwards of seven years of their lives in preparing to be a physician, don't want to destroy that career over a politically incorrect prescription.)

These people were pro-‘choice’ until they watched this video of an actual abortion

10/21/21 (A powerful video showing how second trimester abortions are performed has been used by pro-life organization Live Action to show pro-choice Americans what abortion really is — and the video changed their minds.)

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: VP Biden Gave China Easy Access to US Markets Then Hunter Received $1 Billion, Now China’s Economy Is Failing and US Investors Are Stuck

10/21/21 (Rather than ensure China’s companies were at least as accurate in their reporting and as well-controlled, Biden gave Chinese companies a pass on the same requirements mandated of US companies.  This deal allowed Chinese companies to obtain billions, if not trillions, in capital not available in China. A short time later in 2013, China gave Hunter Biden – $1.5 billion to invest.)

Urgent Message from Steve Bannon – “The First Tenet of Psychological Warfare is to Break You to Become Compliant”

10/21/21 (Don’t be complicit to the dangerous narrative the left is trying to get you to accept today. Stay informed, aware, and defend your God-given Constitutional rights you deserve as a citizen of this great nation.)

REVOLVING DOOR: The Three Big Pharma Companies with COVID Vaccines Authorized for Emergency Use All Employ Former FDA Commissioners

10/21/21 (This practice of movement between the government and big business is dangerous due to the conflicts of interest that arise and should be stopped. )

‘Fully vaccinated’ were the majority of COVID deaths in Sweden, UK in September

10/20/21 (Over 2,000 ‘fully vaccinated’ Brits died of COVID-19 last month, public health data recently revealed.)

BREAKING: NIH Today Corrects False Statements by Directors Collins and Fauci – the NIH Did Fund Gain-of-Function Research in Wuhan – Fauci Lied Under Oath

10/20/21 (Dr. Fauci, the Director of NIAID, was under oath when speaking with Senator Rand Paul.  He denied that the NIH funded the gain-of-function research in Wuhan.)

Newly Released Video Shows Jan. 6 Political Prisoner Jeremy Brown Saving a Female Trump Supporter Who Was Trampled by Capitol Police – MUST SEE UNTIL THE END!

10/20/21 (Jeremy Brown NEVER entered the US Capitol on January 6. His crime was in reality refusing to be an FBI informant.Jeremy Brown has always been a hero. Now he is rotting in jail due to the lies of the Biden DOJ.)

Jan. 6 Witch Hunt Committee Votes Unanimously to Hold Steve Bannon in Criminal Contempt — Including Dirtbags Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger

10/20/21 (The Jan. 6 Committee is not investigating the police killings that day. Two female Trump-supporters lost their lives that day due to actions by the Capitol Police. The Jan. 6 Committee also is not investigating the FBI’s role in organizing the initial break-in into the US Capitol. And the Jan. 6 Committee is not willing to release ALL of the video from that day that proves the innocence of hundreds of Americans. - The Banana Republic of America)

Joe Rogan: Google Is Curating Search Engine Results to Hide Info On Vaccine-Related injuries

10/20/21 (“Look, if I wanted to find specific cases about people who died from vaccine-related injuries, I had to go to Duck Duck Go. I wasn’t finding them on Google,” Rogan told former New York Times journalist Alex Berenson in a recent interview.)

Experts and lies about COVID

10/20/21 (This will not be the first time that the medical establishment has attacked and ignored the truth-tellers. )

Pushback to COVID tyranny is spreading, but the mainstream media doesn’t want you to know that

10/19/21 (Pilots, firefighters, beauty pageant contestants and athletes are stepping up to fight for their rights. The good news that happens day to day is hidden by the mainstream media. It is out there, but the bad news can be overwhelming.)

Leaked Contracts Reveal Pfizer Used its Power to “Shift Risk and Maximize Profits” in Negotiations with Governments

10/19/21 (Pfizer has been accused of bullying and shaking down governments during Covid vaccine negotiations – much of their wheeling and dealing has been done in secret. Joe Biden and many Democrat officials have imposed Covid vaccine mandates because of Pfizer’s demands and secret contract negotiations – and as a result, Americans are losing their jobs.)

January 6 Committee Votes 9-0 to Refer Steve Bannon to DOJ to Face Criminal Contempt Charges (VIDEO)

10/19/21 (Former Trump Chief Strategist Steve Bannon told his War Room audience last Friday he will not be testifying before the Jan. 6th Committee. President Trump urged his supporters to ignore the subpoenas to appear before the Democrat, and Liz Cheney’s, struggle session. -  Nothing new here, Dems are trying to destroy all conservatives)

Wow! President Trump Releases Statement on Colin Powell – Does Not Hold Back

10/19/21 (Colin Powell, a so-called Republican, voted twice for socialist Barack Obama. In June 2020, Colin Powell famously announced he would not vote for Republican President Trump but would back Joe Biden instead. This was after Black Lives Matter protesters destroyed millions in property in Washington DC and Trump threatened to use force against the violent mob. )

Fully vaccinated are COVID ‘super-spreaders,’ says inventor of mRNA technology

10/18/21 (On the latest episode of 'The Hidden Gateway' podcast, Dr. Robert Malone, recognized for his role in inventing mRNA vaccine technology, said, 'The idea that if you have a workplace where everybody's vaccinated, you're not going to have virus spread is totally false. A total lie.' )

Project Veritas: DHS Whistleblower Who Exposed ‘Reasonable Fear’ Migrant Asylum Loophole Goes Public (VIDEO)

10/18/21 (“An email sent out by the Director of USCIS, which notified us about a rule change coming forward, is going to shift the adjudicative authority of defensive asylum away from immigration judges and giving it to asylum officers, which are USCIS,” Stevenson said. “This is going to be the biggest change to immigration policy in my lifetime. It’s being done without anybody knowing what’s going on about it and there’s been no coverage for the American people to know what’s going on,” he said. “If the asylum officers get this ability, I will say it’s going to be a rubber stamp of immediately getting ‘credible fear’ or ‘reasonable fear’ [asylum seekers] to be able to stay in the country if they’re going to be deported…also their path to citizenship,” he said.)

Supply Chain Shock: Today Show Reports Shortages in Parts and Labor Crippling Car Repairs – ‘Worst Since World War II’

10/18/21 (No garage is being spared, whether franchise dealers who get their parts from the major automakers, independent warehouses, or small corner garages, McCarthy said. The auto repair delays seem particularly acute in the U.S. because spare parts produced in Asia get tangled in the global shipping clog and cargo jams at seaports.)

China’s frightening test of new hypersonic weapon: ‘We have no idea how they did this’

10/17/21 (As readers of this website already know, the senior leadership of the United States military is obsessed with: 

  • Critical race theory, diving troops along racial lines and devastating morale.

  • Transgenderism, squandering the defense budget on free (and very expensive) “gender reassignment” surgery for anyone who joins the military.

  • Integrating “birthing people” into every military function, including flight suits for pregnant pilots.

  • Vaccination mandates, which could drive out large numbers of skilled service members, not to mention irreplaceable scientists, critically weakening force effectiveness.)

German public broadcasting staffer decries suppression of Covid information: ‘I cannot do it anymore’

10/17/21 (Instead of an open exchange of opinions, a “scientific consensus” was proclaimed, that must be defended. Anyone who doubts this and demands a multidimensional perspective on the pandemic, will reap indignation and scorn.)

Thanks to vax mandate, Los Alamos National Laboratory scientists face mass firings

10/17/21 (It's not just nurses, firefighters, cops, military troops, and airline pilots who are getting fired over rigid COVID vaccine mandates. Now it's nuclear scientists with highly specialized knowledge and top-secret security clearances:)

Must-see TV: Devastating video of shifting narrative on Covid vax

10/16/21 (Powerful argumentation in the video idiom of the MTV generation. )

TAIWAN: More Deaths from Vaccination than from COVID-19

10/15/21 (According to NTD news there are now 865 deaths linked to the COVID vaccines. There are 845 deaths linked to the virus. )

Navy to Discharge All Sailors Refusing Covid Vax

10/15/21 (All active duty Navy personnel must be vaccinated by November 28 will be “discharged with no lower than a general discharge under honorable conditions.” This is America? )

BREAKING: President Trump Announces NEW Information From ARIZONA: “It Is Damning And Determinative! Will Be Discussing This Today.”

10/15/21 (Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich has already received all unredacted evidence but we have still seen no arrests.​)

NOT MAKING HEADLINES – EXCLUSIVE: AG Garland’s Wife Is an Advisor Closely Linked to Brennan Center and Connected with Far-Left Groups Working to Prevent 2020 Election Audits — HE MUST RECUSE!

10/15/21 (Today we have uncovered information that Garland’s wife is an election specialist with connections to ‘non-profits’ attempting to prevent any election audits of the 2020 Presidential Election. Mark Lindeman (with Verified Voting is also listed as a member of the Election Verification Network and was involved in the New Hampshire audit which was a joke.  The investigators found nothing wrong despite conservatives losing races by machine error that they actually won),

Paradigm Shift? Aussie Cop Quits, Refuses To Enforce COVID Tyranny, Says "Majority" Of Cops Feel The Same

10/13/21 (A female officer with Victoria Police, who served for 16 years, has resigned in protest against the use of police to enforce Covid-19 rules, saying in an interview that a “great majority” of her colleagues shared her sentiments. I can’t remedy in my soul any more the way in which my organization, that I love to work for, is being used and the damage that it’s causing in the reputation of Victoria Police and .. to the community.)

Dr. Peter McCullough, other top doctors sue FDA for Pfizer vaccine data

10/13/21 (Dr. Peter McCullough and other top medical experts cited the public’s ‘urgent’ need for confidential information about Pfizer’s abortion-tainted COVID vaccine. “The medical and scientific community and the public have a substantial interest in reviewing the data and information underlying the FDA’s approval of the Pfizer Vaccine,” reads the suit. )

Federal Judge Finds DC Jail Officials in Contempt, Demands Civil Rights Inquiry

10/13/21 (In a major rebuke of the Justice Department and D.C. Department of Corrections, District Court Judge Royce Lamberth today found the jail’s warden and director of the Department of Corrections in contempt of court for refusing to turn over records related to the care of Christopher Worrell, a January 6 detainee who suffers from non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and a broken hand. He has been incarcerated under a pre-trial detention order sought by Joe Biden’s Justice Department and approved by the court’s chief judge since his arrest in March; Worrell has been in the D.C. jail used specifically to house January 6 defendants since April.)

“Why Can’t the Public See the Ballots?” – President Trump Releases Statement on Georgia Judge’s Decision Dismissing Inspection of Fraudulent Fulton County Ballots

10/13/21 (“Here we go again. After a very long wait, a judge in Georgia refuses to let us look at the ballots, which I have little doubt are terrible. This whole situation is a disgrace to our Country. Why can’t the public see the ballots? Our Country is going to hell and we are not allowed transparency even in our Elections. The people of Georgia deserve to know the truth. So unfair to them and our Country. The fight continues, we will never give up. Our Elections are so corrupt and nobody wants to do anything about it!”  President Trump)

Former Pfizer VP: ‘Clear evidence of fraud’ in Pfizer study claiming 95% jab efficacy

10/13/21 ('I’m confident that their [Pfizer's] actions comprise deliberate mass murder,' stated Yeadon. 'Their objective appears to be to keep people as fearful as possible and receptive to vaccination. )

MUST SEE: Dr. Peter McCullough Issues Warning on Therapeutic Nihilism and Untested Vaccines – “Unbelievable Atrocity” Is Unfolding (VIDEO)

10/13/21 ( Dr. McCullough says, “The disability of this vaccine will go down in history as an unbelievable atrocity.” The information he shares here is a wake-up call to Americans. Over 15,000 are now dead from the COVID vaccine, 25,000 are permanently disabled. Why does the CDC and FDA continue to promote these dangerous vaccines?)

Top ivermectin doc reiterates claim that Congressmen have used treatment: ‘none have gone to hospital’

10/12/21 (Dr. Pierre Kory reiterated the effectiveness of the drug as part of a COVID treatment protocol. “ … Between 100-200 United States Congress Members (plus many of their staffers & family members) with COVID .. were treated by a colleague over the past 15 months with ivermectin & the I-MASK+ protocol at https://flccc.net. None have gone to hospital … ” he wrote.  )

“F**k the USA!” – Dominion’s Eric Coomer Admits Under Oath to Being former Skinhead, Heroin Addict – Lied in Denver Post Screed (VIDEO)

10/12/21 (Coomer admits that he posted “F— the USA” on his Facebook media. The person who is the head of security for one of the largest national voting systems had regularly expressed the most toxic and extreme left views possible.  Coomer tries to say he only ‘screwed up’ because he allowed the political right to make him the ‘perfect villain’ in his words from his personal beliefs, which he assures us had no bearing whatsoever in his professional capacity. )

American Stasi: Corrupt Biden DOJ and FBI Are Now Arresting Any of the Tens of Thousands of Trump Supporters Who Were Standing HUNDREDS of Yards Away from US Capitol

10/12/21 (As The Gateway Pundit reported last week retired Green Beret Jeremy Brown was arrested in Florida for attending the Jan. 6 protests and standing outside of the US Capitol. They are now arresting anyone who stood within hundreds of feet near the US Capitol. The Capitol was not marked that day when the protesters arrived and the protesters were NEVER warned that they were in an “illegal space.”)

WE WERE RIGHT: In August 2020 TGP Reported Per the CDC that COVID Deaths Were Overcounted – Now Lawmakers Want Federal Grand Jury to Investigate

10/12/21 (A report from the CDC shows that currently the number of deaths that are caused by COVID-19 ONLY are actually 5% and the number may actually be less, because the CDC shares there may be “a lack of detail” about the other conditions that contributed to the death:)

EXCLUSIVE: Coomer Deposition Released! Verifies Antifa Facebook Posts, Extreme Left Bias

10/12/21 (The mainstream media has spent a year bullying and suppressing the thousands of eyewitnesses, filed affidavits, investigations and proceedings meant to uncover the big fraud. Instead, they call all speculation as to what caused sleepy Joe Biden to make magical 2 a.m. leaps of hundreds of thousands of votes, propelling him to victory, the “big lie.”)

An Epidemic of the Vaccinated: Latest UK Data Shows Rate of Infection Among Vaxxed Exceeds Unvaxxed in Every Age Group Over 30

10/10/21 (This has CLEARLY become an epidemic of the vaccinated, not the unvaccinated. )

Illegal Immigrant Trafficker Warns Americans: “We’re Leaving from Tapachula – We Are Ready for War” (VIDEO)

10/10/21 ( Invasion? - if it sounds like, looks like, acts like... it's an Invasion)

REPORT: Art Gallery Representing Hunter Biden Received $500K In COVID Relief Loan Funds

10/09/21 (The art gallery representing Hunter Biden has apparently received hundreds of thousands in COVID relief loan funds. Are we supposed to believe this is a coincidence? Will our media ask any questions about this?)

Seattle PD Braces For Mass Firing of More Than 400 Unvaccinated Officers; City Already Reeling From Understaffed Force Prompting Massive Spike In Crime

10/09/21 (In an email that was sent to unvaccinated officers by radical-leftist Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkin, she shamelessly claims that she “values” each one of them despite creating a violent anti-police climate that forced hundreds of officers to resign over the past year.)

Report, 100 to 200 Congressional Reps and Staff Were Treated with Ivermectin Protocol From Front Line COVID Critical Care Doctors

10/09/21 (This is beyond disturbing.  According to Dr Pierre Kory, MD, MPA, and verified by the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC), 100 to 200 congressional reps and/or staff and families who contracted COVID-19 were treated with the Front Line Ivermectin protocol. This successful treatment is happening at the same time many congressional representatives are playing politics in favor of the vaccine; downplaying the effective anti-viral treatment and therapeutic approach with Ivermectin; and taking action to block regular American citizens from seeking similar treatment with Ivermectin.)

AG Garland’s Son-In-Law’s Company ‘Panorama’ Also Pushes CRT in Texas and Georgia, and a Deceitful Article Equating MAGA to the KKK

10/09/21 (On Monday US Attorney General Merrick Garland ordered his FBI to mobilize against parents who oppose the racist critical race theory (CRT) at school and other local board meetings across the country. Then we found that the large county next to Washington DC, Fairfax County in Virginia is paying millions for Panorama material used to poison the minds of children there as well. Biden’s corrupt AG Garland directive to the FBI, to mobilize against American parents who want to stop racism being taught to their children, is anti-American and a material conflict of interest for the AG.  Never before have we seen a US Attorney General act in such a conflicted manner. )

TGP EXCLUSIVE – AZ Audit Volunteers Prevented from Attending DC Hearing on Their Audit Work – “I Knocked on Doors, I saw the Empty Lots with the 75 Names Attached to the One Address” (VIDEO)

10/09/21 (These auditors put serious work into this audit and they witnessed the law violations, evidence of malfeasance, and now the lies to cover it all up. This hearing was a slap in the face. We cannot move forward on 2022 until 2020 is fixed.)

Biden Continues Vaccine Push Even as Data Shows More Americans Have Died With COVID So Far in 2021 Than Died in 2020

10/08/21 (The Biden regime continues to use coercive tactics to get “the vast majority” of Americans vaccinated, even though the data suggests that the vaccines have done more harm than good. More Americans have died with COVID-19 under Joe Biden’s watch than during the first year of the pandemic under President Donald Trump, data from John Hopkins University show.)

Democrat head of Jan. 6 commission has history of supporting violent, insurrectionist group

10/08/21 (Rep. Bennie Thompson blames the Jan. 6 'insurrection' on Donald Trump, but is himself a long time supporter of the secessionist group Republic of New Africa, which has a history of violence. Meet Rep. Bennie Thompson, the little-known Mississippi Democrat who chairs the congressional commission that blames the Jan. 6 “insurrection” on Donald Trump, on you, on the MAGA crowd – not on FBI provocateurs. -  This is not about seeking justice, this is prep for 2022 elections, they must demonize Trump supporters as they attempt to steal another election)

WOW! Fake News Giant NY Times Added 800,000 to Total of Children Hospitalized with Coronavirus

10/08/21 (The New York Times issued a massive correction Thursday after the liberal newspaper severely misreported the number of COVID hospitalities among children in the United States by more than 800,000. They also misreported on Denmark and Sweden’s recent move to ban the vaccines from those under 30-years-old.)

Man Accused in Sicknick Case:  ‘We’ve All Been Destroyed’

10/07/21 (Confronting a biased Beltway legal system is only half the battle for January 6 defendants; the court of public opinion is far less judicious. While Tanios was behind bars, the medical examiner’s office in April finally confirmed the cause of Sicknick’s death. He died of natural causes—two strokes caused by blood clots—not from an allergic reaction to any chemical.)

About COVID: What does 'follow the science' really mean?

10/07/21 (Follow the science? There is no COVIDD science to follow unless it is the result of a scientific experiment with proven results gotten by using the scientific method! No scientific experiment was performed to test the difference in the spread of covid indoors vs outdoors. No experiment was performed to test the efficacy of spread prevention among the hundreds of different mask materials. No experiment was performed to prove what distancing rule works and where it works. No experiment was conducted to compare the COVID spread of carriers of COVID vs. COVID-infected individuals. No experiment was conducted comparing the efficacy of one vaccine type vs another type of vaccine. No experiment has been conducted to show the long range bad side effects of a COVID vaccine. No experiment has been conducted to show how long COVID vaccines last. No experiment is possible to show the actual death rate from COVID since many deaths were recorded as COVID but had other illness causes. In effect, none of the COVID anti-measures have been scientifically investigated and proven and no statistical samples have been analyzed so there is no real science to follow at the present time.)

Doctors are getting angry at their patients

10/07/21 (Doctors are not taking kindly to the suggestion that patients should have access to medication that can prevent serious illness. They are denouncing ivermectin as a veterinary drug as if they were not aware that it was developed for human use, that the FDA approved it for human use back in the 1990s, and that almost 4 billion doses have been administered around the world in the past 30 years.)

ONE DAY After Facebook “Whistleblower” Begs Congress to Crack Down on Conservatives – Facebook Deletes Fundraising Posts for Jan. 6 Political Prisoners

10/07/21 (On Tuesday Facebook “whistleblower” and Democrat donor, Frances Haugen went before a Senate subcommittee this week two days after appearing on “60 Minutes” to push for more tech control of free speech as they see fit. On Wednesday night Facebook began banning, censoring and eliminating ANY POSTS and PLATFORMS that raised money for the Jan. 6 political prisoners. The goal is to silence conservatives!)

IT WAS A SETUP: Fake Whistleblower Frances Haugen Was Part of Anti-Trump Election Meddling Team that Banned Hunter Biden Laptop Content

10/07/21 (Far-left Facebook “whistleblower” Frances Haugen, who has advised lawmakers to pass legislation that would empower the establishment media at the expense of independent creators, worked for a unit at Facebook tasked with preventing “misinformation” around the 2020 election — the same group that would have been involved in censoring the Hunter Biden laptop story.)

Over 600 unvaccinated doctors on the brink of suspension in Quebec

10/06/21 (Physicians who fail to comply to the government mandate face the possibility of losing their income. The suspension will also apply to unvaccinated doctors who had hoped to be able to keep working by avoiding contact with patients by, for instance, practicing telemedicine or working in labs.)

‘No discernible relationship’ between high vaccination rates and fewer infections: Harvard scientist

10/06/21 (The paper looked at 68 different countries and nearly 3,000 U.S. counties. “In fact, the trend line suggests a marginally positive association such that countries with higher percentage of population fully vaccinated have higher COVID-19 cases per 1 million people,” he wrote.)

‘We’re in the middle of a major biological catastrophe’: COVID expert Dr. Peter McCullough

10/06/21 (In a recent lecture, Dr. Peter McCullough presented alarming data related to COVID vaccines, the fraud of national health authorities, the ‘Therapeutic Nihilism’ being exercised in hospitals, and the urgent necessity of active resistance. McCullough predicted that the eight professional acronyms behind his name, “will be progressively erased.” This is “going to happen because there’s powerful forces at work, far more powerful than we can possibly think of, that are influencing anybody who is in a position of authority.” )   

Canadian doctor shares why he changed his stance on COVID, lockdowns

10/06/21 (‘When I started to see patients being harmed, that's when things started to irk my conscience.’ Like many other doctors, Dr. Phillips trusts the growing evidence that ivermectin is a safe and effective way to treat a coronavirus infection: “We have randomized controlled trials showing that these are effective and meta-analysis of 40 trials in the case of ivermectin. So we have robust evidence that these are these are effective treatments.”)

Canada is ‘persecuting’ doctors who promote ivermectin, criticize ‘deadly COVID injections’

10/06/21 (The new 'crime' for doctors is 'causing vaccine hesitancy.' While many governments are committing genocide, look what can be done if they honestly “followed the science.” The most populated state in India, Uttar Pradesh with nearly two hundred million people, has gone from a covid hot spot to a covid free region since the government there promoted the use of ivermectin to treat COVID-19. It literally emptied the hospitals of COVID.)

Biden’s bio-weapon? Migrants and refugees

10/06/21 (It should be no surprise to anyone that our Democrats do not want those hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens flowing over our southern border to be vaxxed.  They are vital to their plan. )

Canadian Doctor Says ‘Something Malicious is Going On’ After He’s Punished For Treating COVID Patients with Ivermectin

10/05/21 (Canadian emergency room physician has been banned from practicing medicine in Alberta after he defied the province’s COVID treatment protocols by prescribing Ivermectin to three patients. In his speech Friday, the doctor shared what happened when he tried to treat three patients in a small rural hospital with Ivermectin during the weekend of September 11. He blasted doctors and surgeons “who are standing in the way of life-saving medicine.”)

Large New York Health Care System Fires 1,400 Unvaccinated Workers

10/05/21 (Thousands of unvaccinated health care workers were placed on unpaid leave last week due to Hochul’s mandate. The situation led to some disruptions. Strong Memorial Hospital, for instance, said it was pausing some elective procedures for two weeks. Northwell workers fired because of their refusal to get vaccinated were being denied benefits like employer contributions to retirement plans, The Epoch Times previously reported. Northwell workers fired because of their refusal to get vaccinated were being denied benefits like employer contributions to retirement plans, The Epoch Times previously reported.)

FBI Counterterrorism Official Admits Agency Doesn't Track Antifa Violence

10/05/21 (Last week, the FBI's Assistant Director of Counterterrorism, Timothy Langan, admitted that the Bureau doesn't track 'Antifa' violence - as they don't consider the leftist group to be an 'organization.' Yet, in 2020 - under President Trump, FBI Director Chirstopher Wray told Congress: "We have seen Antifa adherence coalescing and working together in what I would describe as small groups and nodes," adding that the bureau was conducting multiple investigations "into some anarchist violent extremists, some of whom operate through these nodes.")

"A Politically-Motivated Abuse Of Power" - GOP Rep. Rages At AG Garland's 'Weaponization' Of The DoJ Against Dissenting Parents

10/05/21 (Garland directed the FBI and U.S. attorneys in the next 30 days to convene meetings with federal, state, and local leaders within 30 days to “facilitate the discussion of strategies for addressing threats against school administrators, board members, teachers, and staff,” according to a letter (pdf) the attorney general sent on Monday to all U.S. attorneys, the FBI director, the director of the Executive Office of U.S. Attorneys, and the assistant attorney general of the DOJ’s criminal division.)

Ontario doctor resigns over forced vaccines, says 80% of ER patients with mysterious issues had both shots

10/05/21 ( Dr. Rochagné Kilian recently resigned as an emergency room and family practice physician due to her concerns that the Ontario health system and Grey Bruce Health Services (GBHS) crossed ethical lines throughout the pandemic. Kilian estimated that 80 percent of the patients she saw in the ER during the past month who had inexplicable symptoms were “double vaxxed.”)

COVID jabs could ‘potentially kill thousands’ of kids: former HHS epidemiologist

10/05/21 (If Dr. Fauci of the NIAID, Dr. Walensky of the CDC, and Dr. Collins of the NIH do not want to remove liability protection, and if the vaccine developers do not offer to do this, then parents must take this as a cue that the injection is potentially dangerous.  We can potentially kill thousands, if not more, of our children if we move forward with these ‘safety untested’ COVID-19 injections.)

FBI Raids NY City Police Union Headquarters – After Union Openly Backed President Trump for the First Endorsement in its History

10/05/21 (Democrats consistently stood with the lawless and criminals across the country. So in 2020 the NYCPBA came out for President Trump. )

It Begins: Federal Investigators Are Issuing Warrants for Google to Turn Over Anyone Typing in Certain Search Terms

10/05/21 (In an attempt to track down criminals, federal investigators have started using new “keyword warrants” and used them to ask Google to provide them information on anyone who searched a victim’s name or their address during a particular year, an accidentally unsealed court document that Forbes found shows.)

Kash Patel: Look for Indictments Against Fusion GPS and Glenn Simpson and “Bigger Fish Like Andy McCabe, Who is the Biggest Fraudster Next to Comey”

10/03/21 (“Now the FISA abuse process, now that declassification is complete. And your viewers can read it, that the FBI knew the evidence was fraudulent, they knew the credibility problems with Christopher Steele and they knew the DNC through Fusion GPS and Perkins Coie were piping in tens of millions of dollars into the machine so they could get a FISA warrant into President Trump. Let’s hope and pray the Biden DOJ does not shut down this important investigation.)

New documentary on WHO exposes widespread corruption, massive funding by Bill Gates

10/04/21 ('TrustWHO,' a documentary film produced by Lilian Franck, reveals the clandestine influences — including Bill Gates’s role as No. 1 funder — controlling the World Health Organization, to the peril of public health.)

Watch: Dr. Campbell Reveals the Reason Behind India’s Ivermectin Blackout

10/03/21 (The 33 districts in Uttar Pradesh, India have now become free from COVID-19 government informed on September 10. The recovery rate has increased up to 98.7% proving the effectiveness of IVERMECTIN as part of the “Uttar Pradesh Covid Control Model.” )

BOOM! Sen. Ron Johnson Drops Truth-Bomb on Senate Floor – 63% of UK Delta Deaths in Last 7.5 Months Were Fully Vaccinated (VIDEO)

10/02/21 (Obviously, the recent surge in cases and deaths is NOT a pandemic of the unvaccinated! The media won’t tell you this. The social media giants will censor this. So, Ron Johnson dropped this truth-bomb on the floor of the US Senate. During his Thursday floor speech, Senator Johnson pointed out that 63% of all coronavirus Delta deaths in the last 7.5 months were fully vaccinated individuals.)

National School Boards Association Begs Biden To Label Outraged Parents “Domestic Terrorists” and Use The Patriot Act Against Them

10/02/21 (The NSBA doesn’t want their members to be held accountable for their terrible handling of the educational system; instead, they would rather crush anyone who gets in their way by any means possible. School officials have actually become so frightened of the parents who disagree with their baseless policies that they would be willing to see them tried as criminal terrorists. )


Video Reporter Bobby Powell on Violent Jan. 6 Protester: “This Guy is a Federal Agent – I Have Heard Nothing But Crickets from the FBI On This Guy” (VIDEO)

10/01/21 ( One of the likely FBI operatives was removing glass from a US Capitol windown and caught on video encouraging Trump supporters to go inside. The man had a wire in his ear. The FBI to this day refuses to investigate this individual or even acknowledge his existence.)

UPDATE: Court Denies Bail to Jeremy Brown Until Next Tuesday – Former Green Beret Was Arrested Thursday After He Earlier Refused FBI Request to Be Informant Plant at Jan. 6 Rallies

10/01/21 (It should be noted that Jeremy Brown told The Gateway Pundit back in June that “scores of guys” had written him saying they were also approached by the FBI to spy on the patriot groups. Jeremy decided his desire to protect and defend the American people and the TRUTH are more important than privacy or personal safety.)