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8 BOXES REMAIN – Hand Recount Nearly FINISHED – HUGE Discrepancies Expected – NO BALLOTS = NO VICTORY

06/12/21 (They are reportedly finding severe discrepancies in the ballot totals, up to 20% of ballots missing in some cases. Today, we are expecting a large crowd from Wisconsin, a state that Biden won by just over half a point, to tour the facility.)

YouTube Suspends Sen. Ron Johnson From Uploading Videos Over COVID-19, Hydroxychloroquine Claims

06/11/21 (Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wisc.) was suspended by YouTube - “How many lives will be lost as a result? How many lives could have been saved with a free exchange of medical ideas? This suppression of speech should concern every American.”​)

Jovan Pulitzer Drops Bomb During TGP Interview: Pelosi and Democrats Are Plotting to Get Rid of All Paper Ballots (VIDEO)

06/11/21 (Pulitzer shared that HR1 is written like it is doing what it is not.  They always do this.  HR1 is – “For the People Act of 2021“  It is everything but that.)

Trump Reveals He Turned Down Multiple Book Deals Because He's 'Working on a Much More Important Project'

06/11/21 (“I turned down two book deals, from the most unlikely of publishers, in that I do not want to do such a deal right now,” Trump said in a statement released by his Save America Political Action Committee.​)

Democrats join the growing chorus of Georgians suspicious of voter fraud as election audit continues

06/11/21 (Poll workers, including Democrats, are speaking out about thousands of bizarre Biden ballots as election integrity advocates fight for an audit in Georgia.​)

Arizona Lawmaker Responds to AG Garland: “You Will Not Touch Arizona Ballots or Machines Unless You Want to Spend Time in Arizona Prison”

06/11/21 (The US Constitution specifically gives the power to the states to regulate federal elections as they see fit. You would think the Attorney General of the United States would know this.​)

BREAKING: AG Merrick Garland Announces that His DOJ Will Scrutinize Any Post-Election Audits for Evidence of Voting Law Violations!!

06/11/21 (Chain of custody laws were ignored in multiple states, but the DOJ and FBI didn’t care:  The Attorney General says that he and his gang of attorneys and investigators are going to scrutinize every single action taken during these audits to intimidate and prevent audits from taking place.)

Texas Governor Greg Abbott Announces Statewide Plan to Build Border Wall and Arrest Illegals

06/11/21 (Texas will take action on its own to address the worsening border crisis, including by building its own border wall and taking extra steps to arrest illegal aliens who are released by federal border authorities)

Kamala Plots Marxist Regime Change in Guatemala

06/11/21 (She’s not there to stop illegal migration, but to topple a conservative government.)

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE – HUGE: Ballot Printing Companies Better Lawyer Up – 2020 Ballots Were Modified in Multiple Republican Areas Forcing Adjudication and Potential Fraudulent Vote Switching

06/11/21 (It appears that ballots in Republican areas were printed differently than in Democrat areas which caused more Republican ballots to go to adjudication and potentially be recorded as Biden votes.)

“If They Don’t Have the Ballots, They Don’t Have the Victory” – BOOM! Eric Greitens Sinks Leftist Dreams and States the Obvious Out Loud on The War Room

06/11/21 (On Friday, Eric Greitens got straight to the point — If the state of Arizona does not come up with the ballots for Joe Biden they won’t have the victory. Biden was given more votes than he had ballots Democrats are busted!)

Everything was better with President Trump in the White House

06/11/21 (Incredibly, only four months have passed since Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. was installed as president and in that brief time, he has done more damage than anyone could have thought possible.)

Letters from a D.C. Jail

06/10/21 (The rule of law for anyone involved in the events of January 6 has been flipped on its head by the U.S. justice system; defendants are presumed guilty before proven innocent. -  there is no justice where democrats rule - America is in extreme danger)

Peter Navarro: ‘St. Fauci’ and Others Have Blood on Hands After Blocking Trump Admin. From Distributing 60 Million HCQ Tablets

06/10/21 (It turns out that the anti-malaria drug former president Trump famously touted in March of 2020 as a promising treatment for COVID-19, would indeed have been a “game-changer” if only it had been widely used.)


06/10/21 (Christina Bobb reported on OANN that she expects to see “that the count is not even close to what was certified” due to the fact that some pallets are missing up to 20% of the ballots that should be there.)

This Isn’t Your Father’s Left-Wing Revolution

06/10/21 (Today’s revolutionaries aren’t fighting “the Man”—they are “the Man.”)

President Trump Says the Joint Chiefs of Staff Should All Be Fired If They Think Climate Change Is America’s Greatest Threat

06/10/21 (Clearly, if these individuals on the joint chiefs of staff really believe climate change is America’s biggest risk, they should be fired. )

Biden DOJ Refuses to Release Jan. 6 Security Camera Footage — They Know It Contradicts All of Lies About Alleged “Insurrection” and They Must Keep that from American Public

06/10/21 (There’s only one reason why the Justice Department wants to keep the footage under seal: it contradicts most if not all of the claims advanced by Democrats and the media over the past four months. In her latest piece Julie Kelly reports on the US Government’s continued refusal to release footage from the Jan. 6 protests and siege of the US Capitol. Why Is the Government Hiding January 6 Video Footage?)

OUTRAGEOUS: White House Overlords Approve Biden’s Initiative to End Trump Discounts on Insulin

06/10/21 (The White House this week gave President Biden the greenlight to move forward with removing a Trump-era health care policy designed to bring down the price of insulin.)

Fauci Triggered: ‘If You’re Trying to Get at Me…You’re Really Attacking, Not Only Dr. Anthony Fauci, You’re Attacking Science’ (VIDEO)

06/09/21 (Dr. Fauci received major backlash from Republicans and the conservative media after his emails showed he’s a liar and complete fraud. Since his emails became public, Fauci has used his friends in the liberal media to help shield him from criticism.)

Medical Advisors to CDC: ‘Higher Than Expected’ Number of Cases of Heart Problems in Young Adults and Adolescents Following Covid Vaccination

06/09/21 (Vaccine advisors to the CDC are now saying there are a “higher-than-expected” number of cases of heart problems in young adults following Covid vaccination. Of course the CDC is pushing back and said benefits from Covid-19 vaccination outweigh the risks “including risk of myocarditis or pericarditis.”)

PRESIDENT TRUMP Thanks Interior Department IG for “Completely and Totally” Exonerating Him in Clearing Lafayette Park — Another Fake News Story Carried by CNN

06/09/21 (CNN led the assault on President Trump saying “peaceful protesters near the White House were gassed, shot with rubber bullets so Trump can have a photo-op. And now we know the fake news media was lying again!)

EPIC: Vernon Jones In Arizona – Only THREE Pallets Remain to be Counted – Officials Expecting HUGE Ballot Discrepancies

06/09/21 (Christina Bobb reported on OAN that we will likely find “substantially less” than 2.1 million ballots due to large discrepancies between the number of ballots listed and the number actually counted. Some boxes are MISSING up to 20% of the ballots.)

Biden's Disgraceful Exploitation of the Tulsa Race Massacre

06/09/21 (I wonder what American leftists would say about the fact that 46 of the 47 European democracies reportedly have election voter ID laws. Are they all racist, too?)

Bishop Garrison: Biden’s Racist Tool for a Military Purge

06/09/21 (A leftist movement that was once outraged over, "Are you now, or have you ever been, a member of the Communist party?"is asking, "Are you now, or have you ever been, a member of the Republican party?" All to find that one “extremist”. To Garrison, extremism means President Trump and Republicans.)

COLLATERAL DAMAGE: New Study CONFIRMS Trump Was Right – And Fauci, Democrats, Media, Tech Giants, etc. Lied About HCQ and AZM to Thwart Trump and MURDERED HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS in Process

06/09/21 (A new study released this June revealed at medRxiv suggests that the use of weight-adjusted Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and Azithromycin (AZM)  appears to be associated with a more than 100% increase in survival, without a clear correlation with ECG abnormalities. President Trump called this out back in March 2020.)

Antrim County Attorney DePerno Releases BOMBSHELL Report – Claims County Voting Machines Were Remotely Logged into – Decertifies Entire Antrim Election

06/09/21 (In May DePerno broke the news that the Antrim County tabulator machines can be reopened after the election. The machines can then run more ballots through the tabulator, print off a new tabulator tape with new ballots, and then backdate that tape to November 3rd.)

China Is Paying US Mainstream Media Outlets to Promote Chicom Propaganda

06/09/21 (China Daily, a Chinese state-run media outlet, is currently paying multiple U.S. news agencies millions of dollars to publish Chicom propaganda. For example, as part of a $700,000 advertising campaign paid for by China Daily, Time published 75 online articles from the outletin the past year.)

Devin Nunes Calls for Name of Killer Officer Who Shot Ashli Babbit to be Revealed — And Release of 14,000 Hours of Security Video from Jan. 6 (VIDEO)

06/09/21 (Why do we not have an accounting of the dozens of people who broke the windows versus the people who just walked in openly because the Capitol police let them in? Once again, Democrats are afraid to show Americans the truth. Why is that?)

EXCLUSIVE: China’s Biowarfare Program Involved in the Origin of COVID-19 Is Linked to Its Military Yet It Accesses Knowledge, Skills and Funding from the US

06/09/21 (There is a core secret military level consisting of military research centers and hospitals. The core layer is supervised by the Academy of Military Medical Sciences in coordination with so-called “civilian” entities such as the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and the Chinese Centers for Disease Control.)

Elections Expert Garland Favorito Provides Updates On The CRITICAL Georgia Election Lawsuit – Audit Will Begin “Two Or Three Weeks From Court Decision” (VIDEO)

06/09/21 (This was earth-shattering. Not one, but THREE states made an expedition to the world-famous Arizona audit. This week, MORE delegations are expected to do the same every day!)

Gregg Jarrett Says Dr. Fauci May be Legally Culpable For Everything… From Wrongful Death Lawsuits to Negligent Lawsuits (AUDIO)

06/09/21 (“If [Fauci] lied to Congress he should be charged and criminally prosecuted,” -  he has no immunity if he’s acting through misfeasance outside the scope of his employment,”)

WATCH: Explosive, Unearthed Video Shows Peter Daszak Describing ‘Chinese Colleagues’ Developing ‘Killer’ Coronaviruses.

06/08/21 (EcoHealth Alliance President Peter Daszak – who collaborated with the Wuhan Institute of Virology on research funded by Dr. Anthony Fauci’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease – appears to boast about the manipulation of “killer” SARS-like coronaviruses carried out by his “colleagues in China” in a clip unearthed by The National Pulse.)

[VIDEO] Maria Bartiromo Just Delivered Her Biggest Truth Bomb Rant Yet…Look Out, Fauci

06/08/21 (Bartiromo emphasized that before Fauci’s emails emerged, Facebook was restricting publishers from their Fauci coverage. Also, Bartiromo shared that in Fauci’s emails, the conversation between Fauci and Zuckerberg was redacted.)

Georgia Judge Orders Audit of 147K Fulton County Absentee Ballots After Reading Poll Workers’ Affidavits

06/08/21 (Robin Hall, a certified Fulton County recount observer, also testified she witnessed a number of boxes of absentee ballots marked “100% for Biden” that appeared to be “perfectly filled out as if they were pre-printed with the presidential candidate selected.”  She stated: “They did not look like a person had filled this out at home. All of them looked alike.”)

Justice Department Administers Unequal Justice, GOP Senators Pen a Letter

06/08/21 (the senators pointed out that Garland’s prosecutors are dropping cases against Portland rioters while throwing the book at Capitol trespassers. “The law must be applied equally without regard to party, power or privilege. When the Department of Justice treats similar criminal acts differently, such conduct erodes faith in our governmental institutions and the law.”)

Pennsylvania State Senator Mastriano Says State Could Have Arizona-Style Election Audit Set Up by July (VIDEO)

06/08/21 (Mastriano said there are several ways the state could issue an election audit. A state Senate committee would use its subpoena powers to send a letter to a county or several counties to declare its intention to issue an audit of votes. The audit of the 2020 election: Cheating Democrats worse nightmare)

Former Obama AG Eric Holder, Held In Contempt of Congress Charge, Again Ignores Constitution and Says DOJ Should Stop 2020 Election Audit of Maricopa County

06/08/21 (If Holder cared for integrity and the truth he would be encouraging the Arizona audit and audits everywhere, he wouldn’t be trying to stop them.  Holder and the rest of the cabal are scared to death and don’t want to be found out.)


DC Mayor Is Unwilling To Answer Congressional Letter on Prison Conditions for Jan. 6 Protesters Held Illegally by their Country


Greatest Mass Killer of 21st Century: Data Shows Fauci Conspired and Lied – New Study Shows HCQ plus AZT Improved Survival of COVID Patients by Nearly 200%

06/08/21 (We also reported that there is proof that Dr. Fauci and top US medical experts all conspired using obviously false information to disqualify hydroxychloroquine and MILLIONS DIED as a result of their action.)


AZ Audit CONTINUES – Another Graveyard Shift And A NEW LOOK! – Officials from Georgia Tour TODAY

06/08/21 (On Monday morning, reporter Christina Bobb told OAN that a HANDFUL of states may be coming out to Arizona for a tour of the first full forensic audit in history, starting with Georgia TODAY.)

UPDATE: Accurate List of 2020 Election Fraud Cases Shows 87 Total Cases – Trump and/or GOP Won 71% of Cases Where Merits Were Heard

06/08/21 (We’ve heard over and over from Big Media that President Trump and his team lost numerous court cases linked to the 2020 election.  But this is not accurate.)

  • There are 87 court cases to date based on the 2020 election

  • In 26 cases President Trump was the plaintiff

  • In 56 cases President Trump was not the plaintiff

  • In 5 cases President Trump is the defendant

  • In 24 cases the case was decided on the merits

  • In 17 of the 24 cases (71%) decided on the merits President Trump and/or the GOP prevailed

  • 12 cases remain active

In 2020 Indian Scientists Discovered COVID-19 Was Engineered with AIDS-Like Insertions – Emails Show Fauci Called It “Outlandish” which led to the Published Study Being Withdrawn

06/08/21 (We now know from the release of his emails, that the article was addressed by Fauci.  We also know the article was withdrawn after a campaign from the medical community which no doubt included Dr. Fauci.  In the emails, Dr. Fauci disregards the Indian paper outright.)

EVERY STATE Should Be Audited – Now a Concerned Citizen in Massachusetts Uncovers Election Discrepancies

06/08/21 (This is how we discovered MIT Ph.D. Dr. Shiva who had uncovered an anomaly in the election results in the Senate primary in Massachusetts.  He identified a pattern in the results in his 2020 primary and he saw the same anomaly in the 2020 Presidential results in Michigan:)

PETER NAVARRO UNLEASHED: “Fauci was Mastermind of a Coverup – The Coverup Is ALWAYS Greater than the Crime” (VIDEO)

06/07/21 (Dr. Fauci was wrong about most everything from the get-go. But what Navarro said tonight would be making headlines across the country if we had a real mainstream media and not the horrible Marxist hacks in charge today. Fauci is the “mastermind of a coverup.” The coverup is always worse than the crime! )

BOOM! Gen. Mike Flynn Drops Powerful Video – Trump Warns “Dishonest and Corrupt” Evildoers What’s Coming, “It’s Our Turn, And the Gloves Are Off”

06/07/21 ("They have done everything possible to destroy us and by so doing have very badly hurt our nation.   They know what they are doing is wrong.  But they put themselves far ahead of our great country" Trump. The fight for justice and truth is not over)

The Amazon driver's attack on an older woman is an important warning

06/07/21 (According to the sheriff's office, Ramirez said something about "white privilege" and the resident in return called her a "[expletive]." Deputies say Ramirez then hit the older woman 10 times in the face. The woman sustained injuries to her face and head and likely suffered a broken nose, officials said)

Bernie Kerik: Next 3-4 Weeks Will Be Explosive – Will Vindicate Everything We’ve Been Saying – Election Was Stolen (VIDEO)

06/07/21 (I predict that over the next three or four weeks is going to be explosive.  And I think it’s basically going to come back and vindicate everything the President and Rudy Giuliani, and I have been saying for the last six months.  The election was stolen)

Reports: Chinese Defector Was Shielded from FBI, CIA and Other Agencies Because of Concerns That They Possess Chinese Spies

06/07/21 (A person believed to be among the highest-ranking defectors ever to the United States from the People’s Republic of China has been working with the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) for months. why the Chinese defector did not go through the FBI and State Departments.  The answer is because they fear that the FBI, CIA, and several other agencies are infiltrated with Chinese spies or sources)

President Trump: China’s Coronavirus Is Single Biggest Attack on the World in History (VIDEO)


America First Has Taken Over the GOP in Arizona – Those Not on the Train Are Being Replaced or Are Resigning

06/06/21 (Because of President Trump’s America First agenda, his supporters are remaking the Republican party a little bit at a time with the help of author Dan Schultz, who instructs people how to become neighborhood team leaders or Precinct Committeemen.)

IT’S WORSE THAN WE THOUGHT! Fauci and Top US Doctors Caught! They CONSPIRED to Disqualify Hydroxychloroquine as COVID Treatment — MILLIONS DEAD AS A RESULT

06/06/21 (Dr. Fauci told CNN hydroxychloroquine was actually dangerous when used as a prophylactic against coronavirus. Hydroxychloroquine had been used safely for 65 years in millions of patients. And so the message was crafted that the drug is safe for its other uses, but dangerous when used for Covid-19. This statement made headlines throughout the fake news media and it was a complete lie. The media mocked President Trump and anyone who suggested the drug was safe and effective. Doctors treating coronavirus patients were suspended from their social media accounts. And hundreds of thousands of people died.)

Ted Cruz: Facebook’s Actions and Correspondence with Fauci Shows Big Tech Operating as Extension of Government – Opens Them Up to Legal Liability (VIDEO)

06/06/21 (We now know that Fauci was misleading the public for over a year on the coronavirus, where it came from and how to treat it. Millions died following Fauci’s dishonest and misleading reports and advice. And Facebook acted as an agent of the government to silence anyone who proposed alternative ideas and facts regarding the coronavirus)

BREAKING: Ruby Freeman’s Daughter Election Supervisor Wandrea Shaye Moss Is Subpoenaed for Deposition in Fulton County GA

06/06/21 (After removing everyone from the State Farm Arena on 2020 Election night and sending them home, these three individuals and a couple of others pulled out ballots hidden under the table and began jamming them into the vote tabulation machines.  The election workers were filmed shoving stacks of ballots through the machines two and three times each)

Fauci Brushed Off Email Suggesting Hydroxychloroquine Was Effective Against COVID-19: “Too Long for Me to Read”

06/05/21 (Dr. Anthony Fauci, in March 2020, received an email from Erik Nilsen, the co-founder and interim CEO at Bio-Signal Technologies, regarding China covering up the Wuhan Lab outbreak as well as two effective drugs for treating patients with COVID-19. Dr. Fauci brushed the message as “too long” for him to read)

Trump Breaking Video: We’re Going to Take Back the Senate, Take Back the House – the White House – SOONER THAN YOU THINK”

06/05/21 ( We know this was a fraud election and the massive evidence will be devastating to the Democrats)

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: UN, US, Facebook and Smartmatic Executives Conspired Together Before the 2020 Election and Many of Same Officials Now Trying to Stop or Derail 2020 Election Audits Taking Place

06/05/21 (According to groundbreaking research done by the team at opslens.com, in their November 26, 2020 article, Did Donald Trump Catch Dominion and Smartmatic US Election Racketeering? by CD media: Through Richard Soudriette, Smartmatic looks like it was attempting to get US secretaries of state to certify whatever results came in 5 months before the election happened)

EVERY State Should Be Audited – In California 3,000 Votes Were Recorded from an Empty Dorm Building


Steve Bannon: Georgia Will Hold a Forensic Audit – Three Republican Senate Seats Are Coming Back after Full Forensic Audit Completed (VIDEO)

06/04/21 (we’re going to show in Arizona and we’re particularly going to show in Georgia, those are three Republican Senate seats that are coming back to Republicans after you do a full forensic audit!)

COVID-19 Has Forever Destroyed Americans’ Trust in ‘Experts’

06/03/21 (There was never any compelling reason to dismiss the lab leak theory out of hand, and in retrospect, it seems that those who did so were likely motivated more by “Orange Man Bad!”-style anti-Trump personal animus than anything else)

Government Seeks Retribution for the Biden Resistance

06/03/21 (The prosecution of the Oath Keepers is critical in fueling the notion that groups of armed, pro-Trump vigilantes organized an assault on the seat of American democracy)

Former CDC Chief Robert Redfield Got Death Threats from Scientists for Saying He Suspected COVID-19 Originated in a China Lab

06/03/21 (“I was threatened and ostracized because I proposed another hypothesis,” Redfield, a virologist by trade, told the magazine. “I expected it from politicians. I didn’t expect it from science.”)

The Current Voting Machine Code In the US “Was Designed to Allow Certain Chosen Ones (Politicians) a Win to Rule Over People Unethically” – Jovan Hutton Pulitzer

06/03/21 (This corruption was uncovered in the 2020 election.  Fortunately, Pulitzer has the mechanism to unwind the election and identify all invalid ballots included in the current voter tallies)

​FRAUD Fauci’s Forthcoming Book Removed By Amazon, Barnes and Noble

06/03/21 (Dr. Anthony Fauci’s new book about his “life philosophy” has been removed from the Amazon and Barnes & Noble websites after thousands of his emails from the early days of the COVID pandemic were released on Tuesday)

Eye Witness Account on January 6th: Police Fired on Crowd, Gassed Crowd, Baited Crowd but Protesters Remained Peaceful (VIDEO)

06/03/21 (Interesting, isn’t it, that the mainstream media has amplified every police reaction when dealing with Antifa and Black Lives Matter as businesses are destroyed, yet have failed to cover this component of January 6th?)

War Room Breaking News: Georgia GOP Leaders Including Vernon Jones to Tour AZ Audit Next Week (VIDEO)

06/03/21 (“If We Do an Audit in PA – This is the Model” – Pennsylvania Senator Doug Mastriano Speaks Out after Arizona Audit Tour)

Tucker Carlson's devastating analysis of Fauci emails leads to call for 'criminal investigation'

06/03/21 (the emails expose Fauci's efforts to shape media coverage, his correspondence with billionaires Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, and his early acknowledgment that masks are useless in protecting a wearer from infection)

SMOKING GUN: FAUCI LIED, MILLIONS DIED — Fauci Was Informed of Hydroxychloroquine Success in Early 2020 But Lied to Public Instead Despite the Science #FauciEmails

06/03/21 (“The pandemic could have been over by now, he says, if those who tested positive for covid had been immediately treated before they fell ill enough to be hospitalized. He also says that thousands could have been, and still could be saved if the treatment protocol he and other physicians use were not suppressed.”)

“It’s Good to be Called an ‘Outlier’ when the ‘In-Liars’ Are What We’re Seeing Here” – Dr. Scott Atlas Gets the Last Laugh on Fauci and the Fake News Hacks and Hitmen

06/02/21 (Dr. Atlas questioned Dr. Fauci’s irrational and unscientific policies. For this, he was public enemy number one to the political left and the fake news mainstream media)

“Joe Biden Is the First President Who Doesn’t Want America to be a Nation at All” – President Trump RIPS Biden and His Deranged Open Borders Policy

06/02/21 (The illegal aliens are thanking Biden. Obama is bragging about how Biden is finishing the job he started — destroying America)

Revealed: How Bill Barr and Chris Wray Worked to Block Trump’s Efforts to Go After Antifa (VIDEO)

06/02/21 (Posobiec explained that when Trump went to Wray about tackling the problem, he would blow him off or lie and say that they would get to it. “Wray either balked at it or said ‘oh, we’ll get to it” and shrugged his shoulders and did nothing,” Posobiec explained. “Meanwhile, he turns around and look what he does to the people of January 6th.”)

HAPPENING NOW: Pennsylvania Legislative Delegation Sits Down with Arizona Lawmakers to Discuss Election Integrity And Replicating the Audit

06/02/21 (Today, the Pennsylvania delegates are taking their behind-the-scene tour of the audit and meeting with Arizona legislators in order to decide whether or not to duplicate the first forensic audit of an election in history)

Prominent physicians, scientists believe U.S. doctors’ group deserves Nobel Prize for finding ‘most powerful COVID-19 killer known to science’

06/01/21 (June 1, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) – The “miraculous” drug Ivermectin has proved to be incredibly effective at both preventing and treating COVID-19, yet it has been subject to widespread suppression and misinformation from global health bodies in an apparent attempt to promote financial revenue over saving the lives of millions. Ivermectin “basically obliterates transmission of this virus. If you take it, you will not get sick,” testified Dr. Kory before the Senate Homeland Security Committee in December 2020. He pointed to “mountains of data,” which had emerged in the past few months, backing up his claims)

Black Lives Matter looks like it's falling apart

06/01/21 (After being lionized in the press, and drawing in tens of millions of dollars from giant corporations desperate to prove their bona fides to its racial-grievance bandwagon, Black Lives Matter seems to be falling apart)

With Kamala Harris doing nothing on the border, Joe Biden gets out his pen and phone

06/01/21 (Importing illegals back into the States, dumping asylum rules, allowing lowlifes in — there's quite a panoply of horrible things in store)

The Democrat party in Congress is a Marxist cult; the Republicans are a college fraternity

06/01/21 (The elected Democrats have declared war on America in every way possible, and the Republicans do precious little to stop them. They act as though their hands are tied)

The Award for Worst Political Strategy in History Goes to Republicans Who Sided with Communist-Democrats in Stealing 2020 Election

06/01/21 (It was clear the media and the Deep State were in on the Trump coup, but what wasn’t totally clear till the end was that the Republicans were too.    That’s when Bill Barr took off his mask, so did Mike Pence, Mitch McConnell, and Kevin McCarthy)

America the Outlier: Voter Photo IDs Are the Rule in Europe and Elsewhere

06/01/21 (A number of states have in recent years instituted photo and non-photo ID measures, and found no statistically significant change in voter participation rates. Other evidence suggests that black and minority voter registration rates increased faster than whites after states implemented voter ID requirements for registration)

Minneapolis BLM Leader Says He Quit After Learning “Ugly Truth” About Marxist Organization’s Priorities (VIDEO)

06/01/21 (“I believed the organization stood for exactly what the name implies – black lives do matter,” he said. “However, after a year on the inside, I learned they had little concern for rebuilding black families.”)

INSURRECTION DEBUNKED: New Video Shows Completely Peaceful Protest Inside US Capitol on Jan. 6

06/01/21 (Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Democrats like to say the January 6th protests were just like 9-11 where 3,000 Americans were killed in cold blood by Islamist extremists. But that is not what the evidence shows)

Biden to Cancel Oil and Gas Leases in Alaska’s Arctic Refuge Amid Rising Gas Prices

06/01/21 (Joe Biden is now freezing all oil and gas contracts in Alaska’s Arctic Refuge after canceling the Keystone X pipeline - democrats do not want America to be energy independent - why?)