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Headlines That Matter

YouTube bans vaccine ‘misinformation,’ removes Dr. Mercola, RFK Jr. 

09/30/21 (“The world is becoming increasingly aware of the rampant corruption in the media and are rising up against tyrannical governments and the pharmaceutical industry that are coordinating this assault on our freedom and civil rights,” Dr. Mercola wrote. “Anyone who asks questions or challenges the hard sell is immediately censored on social media.” )

Biden's Nominee For Top Bank Regulator Earned "Lenin" Award, Praised USSR's "Equality", And Wants To "End Banking As We Know It"

09/30/21 ("Ms. Omarova thinks asset prices, pay scales, capital and credit should be dictated by the federal government..." In a recent paper “The People’s Ledger,” she proposed that the Federal Reserve take over consumer bank deposits, “effectively ‘end banking,’ as we know it,” and become “the ultimate public platform for generating, modulating, and allocating financial resources in a modern economy.” She’d also like the U.S. to create a central bank digital currency—as Venezuela and China are doing—to “redesign our financial system & turn Fed’s balance sheet into a true ‘People’s Ledger,’” she tweeted this summer. What could possibly go wrong? -WSJ) (This is Biden's choice for Top Bank Regulator)

What the press is leaving out about the Arizona election audit

09/30/21 (While the audit did find that a hand-recount of all of the original ballots did widen Joe Biden's margin by several hundred votes, the press deliberately and steadfastly ignored and left unreported the most critical results of the draft audit.  Included among those original ballots, the most comprehensive election audit ever conducted established the following: 

  • More than 23,000 mail-in votes were cast under voter IDs from people who should not have received their ballots by mail because they had moved.

  • More than 10,000 voters cast ballots in more than one county.

  • More than 9,000 mail-in ballots were returned and counted than had been mailed out of registered voters)

Lance Corporal Hunter Clark – Who Rescued Baby in Kabul – Is Under Investigation by Department of Defense for Speaking at Trump Rally Out of Uniform

09/30/21 (You can surrender a war to 7th Century barbarians and leave them with $80 billion in US weapons. That’s OK. But you are not allowed to walk on stage at a Trump rally after you rescued babies in Kabul. That’s not OK. - Let's face it, his only real crime is that he supports Trump!)

Not Making Headlines: Sen. Ron Johnson Just Exposed on Senate Floor that the COVID Vaccines Do Not Appear to Work as Advertised (VIDEO)

09/30/21 (In this short 2 minute video, Senator Johnson brought a chart with him that shows the timeline of coronavirus cases and coronavirus deaths in relation to the COVID-19 vaccines. Despite 60% of the population being vaccinated the cases and deaths surged again this summer. It appears from the chart that the vaccines are not working as advertised.) (But they are working as planned)

“There Were Large Pieces Torn Off – Bubbles Being Filled Absolutely Perfect – 60,000 Illegal Ballots” – AZ Audit Volunteers Speak Out on Disturbing Findings — MUST SEE VIDEO

09/30/21 (They have been under nondisclosure agreements until now, and they can reveal what they saw while counting ballots in the Veterans Memorial Coliseum. These volunteers have been discredited and lied about since day one of this audit, and the media spin continues to this day with the detractors now saying “Biden won.”)

The Coordinated Attack on Ivermectin Is a Crime Against Humanity

09/29/21 (Make no mistake, the evil, deadly, coordinated globalist attacks we are currently witnessing on ivermectin will go down in history as a vicious crime against humanity.)

26% of those prescribed Remdesivir for COVID died, according to Medicare database

09/29/21 (The high mortality rate and frequency of adverse effects associated with Remdesivir 'begs the question … Why is this the protocol in American hospitals?' In a presentation shared on his website, Renz also pointed out that whereas hospitals will pay $390 per vial of Remdesivir, coming out to an average of $2,340 to $3,120 for a five‐day course of the drug, the average cost of Ivermectin per patient is $24. - Always follow the money.)

Ron DeSantis on Australia: “That’s Not a Free Country… Is Australia Freer than Communist China Right Now? I Don’t Know” (VIDEO)

09/29/21 (Florida Governor Ron DeSantis spoke about the tyrannical lockdowns in Australia, where parts of the country have been under military supervised lockdowns as the country tries to contain a Delta variant surge.)

Crazy Fauci Moves the Goalposts Again — “Fully Vaccinated” Now Means 2 Shots Plus One Booster

0929/21 (For many months now, being “fully vaccinated” meant that you had to have two doses of either the Pfizer or Moderna mRNA vaccine, but now, according to Fauci, you’re not fully vaccinated unless you get the booster shot. Don't forget they have already discussed more booster shots, maybe every 5 months.)

Breaking: Google-YouTube to Ban ANY CLAIMS that “Vaccines are Ineffective or Dangerous” despite the Death Numbers – Suspends Robert F. Kennedy’s Account

09/29/21 (And the social media giant suspended several accounts that questioned the vaccine including Joseph Mercola and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. There are now 15,386 reported deaths from the COVID vaccine in the United States, according to the latest numbers.)

Outrageous! Biden State Dept. Refuses Entry of Private Rescue Flight of 28 Americans and 83 Green Card Members from Afghanistan


HUGE DEVELOPMENT! They Got Caught! 24 Criminal Operatives Caught on Video Stuffing Dropbox with 1,900 Ballots in 3 Days (VIDEO)

09/28/21 (In Georgia, 1,900 ballots were counted from a single Zuckerberg dropbox over one weekend, but surveillance shows only 24 people dropping off all of these ballots. That’s nearly 75 ballots per operative! This criminal activity took place in Georgia in 2020. It’s time for criminal charges against these lawbreakers.)

Maricopa County Relegated Election Processes to a Printer Who Didn’t Provide Accurate Counts of Ballots Received by Election Day Nor Chain of Custody Details

09/28/21 (Maricopa County relegated numerous election activities to its ballot printer Runbeck and then allowed them to trickle in thousands of ballots after election day, never providing exact counts of ballots received by Election Day.)

DeSantis Authorizes Investigation Into Facebook for ‘Alleged’ Election Interference

09/28/21 (DeSantis cited the Wall Street Journal’s bombshell report on internal Facebook documents stating that the company allows certain users to break the rules. “It’s no secret that Big Tech censors have long enforced their own rules inconsistently,” DeSantis said in a press release. “If this new report is true, Facebook has violated Florida law to put its thumb on the scale of numerous state and local races.”)

4,200 physicians, scientists sign declaration for early treatment of COVID-19, against gov’t intrusion

09/27/21 (This text defends physicians' right to treat corona patients with the best knowledge of early treatments and against aggressive intrusion by governmental entities. Earlier this month a physicians’ and medical scientists’ declaration was written by a team under the leadership of Dr. Robert Malone, the main inventor of the mRNA technology and a strong critic of the current official response to COVID-19. This text, which defends physicians’ right to treat corona patients with the best knowledge of early treatments and against  aggressive intrusion by governmental entities, has now gained 4,200 signatures from other physicians and medical scientists.)

Researcher debunks every falsehood about COVID masking policies

09/27/21 (He accuses the CDC, the WHO, and Big Tech of being responsible for ‘countless deaths.’ A researcher has written a definitive, rigorously documented and easily accessible essay thoroughly dismantling the falsehoods used to justify the use of masks in the general population as a means of mitigating the spread of COVID-19. )

BREAKING: Project Veritas: Johnson & Johnson: Children Don’t Need the ‘F*cking’ Covid Vaccine – “Unknown Repercussions” (VIDEO)

09/27/21 (Brandon Schadt, Johnson & Johnson Regional Business Lead: “It’s a kid, you just don’t do that, you know? Not something that’s so unknown in terms of repercussions down the road, you know?” Justin Durrant, Johnson & Johnson Scientist: “Don’t get the Johnson & Johnson [COVID vaccine], I didn’t tell you though.”)

NOT MAKING HEADLINES: AZ Audit Could Not Find the Identity of 86,391 Voters – They Don’t Appear to Exist and 73.8% Are Democrat or No Party Affiliation


61-Year-Old Jan. 6 Defendant and Veteran Who Begged Police For Help During Capitol Riot Dies Awaiting Trial on Trumped-Up Charges

09/27/21 (John Anderson was accused by the government of assaulting police after he was sprayed with pepper spray, couldn’t breathe, and actually asked the police for assistance who then helped him to safety. He was surrounded by police the entire time and yet was later charged with assaulting police. It was all made up.)

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Despite Tens of Thousands of Issues Already Identified in Arizona Audit, Likely Hundreds of Thousands of Ballots Have No Legally Required Chain of Custody Documentation

09/27/21 (On Friday the auditors in the Senate’s audit or Maricopa County’s 2020 Election results presented their results before the Arizona Senate.  Dr. Shiva’s work identified 17,000 ballots (envelopes) that were duplicated (much more than the 10,000 ballot election margin).  But there is much more in his report.)

Exclusive: Pattern Identified in Arizona Audit Mirrors Michigan Scandal on Fraudulent Votes and Provisional Ballots

09/27/21 (There were substantial statistically significant anomalies identified in the ratio of hand-folded ballots, on- demand printed ballots, as well as a statistically significant increase in provisional ballot rejections for a mail-in ballot already being cast, suggestive of mail-in ballots being cast for voters without their knowledge.)


Arizona Audit Final Report Was Watered Down: Reports from Cyber Ninjas Were Edited, Most Damning Statements Removed – What Else Was Removed?

09/26/21 (In the 2020 presidential election, the margin of victory was only 10,457 votes, a small fraction of the 57,734 ballots with known issues. Again, this is almost 6 times the margin of victory in the Presidential race and is multiples of the margin of victory in other races. Based on these factual findings, the election should not be certified, and the reported results are not reliable.)

30 Facts You Need To Know: A COVID Cribsheet

09/26/21 (You asked for it, so we made it. A collection of all the arguments you’ll ever need. We get a lot of e-mails and private messages along these lines “do you have a source for X?” or “can you point me to mask studies?” or “I know I saw a graph for mortality, but I can’t find it anymore”. And we understand, it’s been a long 18 months, and there are so many statistics and numbers to try and keep straight in your head. So, to deal with all these requests, we decided to make a bullet-pointed and sourced list for all the key points. A one-stop-shop. 

Here are key facts and sources about the alleged “pandemic”, that will help you get a grasp on what has happened to the world since January 2020, and help you enlighten any of your friends who might be still trapped in the New Normal fog: “Covid deaths” – Lockdowns – PCR Tests – “asymptomatic infection” – Ventilators – Masks – Vaccines – Deception & Foreknowledge )

Tennis Star Says His Season is Over after Taking COVID Vaccine a Few Weeks Ago

09/26/21 (A tennis star has admitted he does not know when he will return to the sport and fears he may have to bring forward his retirement because of health problems he says he has suffered since taking the Pfizer Covid vaccine.)

Rep. Devin Nunes: “We’ve Made 14 Criminal Referrals – We Expect Durham to Do His Job” (VIDEO)

09/26/21 (Rep. Nunes told Maria Bartiromo what he expects next from John Durham, “We’ve made 14 criminal referrals to the Department of Justice. I expect every one of those to be looked into. All we can do is do an exhaustive investigation which we’ve done despite being stonewalled by the Department of Justice. We’ve done our job, now we expect Durham to do his job, which I think he is doing…”)

FLASHBACK APRIL 2019: Bogus Trump-Russia Alfa Bank Connections Were Created By Hillary Supporter, Working with Fusion GPS — And Pushed BY CROOKED HILLARY!

09/26/21 (We now know that the Hillary Clinton campaign was behind the elaborate Trump-Russia hoax.)

The Off-Guardian’s COVID Crib Sheet Presents the Facts

09/26/21 (The Off-Guardian, a UK newspaper, has published a wonderfully informed, detailed list of key facts you should understand about COVID. I am going to give you the reader’s digest version, but here is the link to read the whole thing. Please do.)

American Stasi: Chris Wray’s FBI Is Investigating Veterans’ Group that Is Saving Americans in Afghanistan that Biden Left Stranded

09/26/21 (The FBI admitted this weekend to The New York Times that they had informants and operatives inside groups attending the January 6 rallies in Washington DC. )

They’re On the Other Side: GOP Totally Ignores AZ Forensic Audit that Found State of Arizona NEVER Should Have Been Certified

09/25/21 (The fake news media hacks were not the only ones who ignored the Arizona Forensic Audit results on Friday.  Same thing with the GOP Facebook page — NON ONE SINGLE MENTION! The Arizona auditors released a damning report that said the state of Arizona should have never been certified and the GOP totally ignored the report!)

ENCLOSED: List of Intel Fools Who Pushed Hunter Biden Russian Laptop Lie

09/25/21 (The fifty men and women, who wrapped themselves in the shroud of their pitiful intelligence careers, signed a letter insisting the NY Post, which published the story of Hunter’s sordid laptop, was being duped by the Russians. Here are their names. Remember them for the disgraced partisan clowns they are.)

VoterGA Uncovers that More People Were Registered in Fulton County, Georgia in the 2020 Election than Were Eligible to Vote


Here Are The 135 Republicans Who Just Voted For Red Flag Gun Confiscation!

09/25/21 (A provision in the 2022 National Defense Authorization Act would allow military courts to issue protective orders that include “Red Flag” gun confiscation, according to the more than 1,300-page bill. In the legislation, those beholden to the United States Code of Military Justice could be issued a “military court protective order” by a military judge or magistrate, which would make “possessing, receiving, or otherwise accessing a firearm” illegal.)

REASONS TO DECERTIFY AZ: 70,000 Ballots Duplicated or with Material Issues (7 Times Biden’s Margin of Victory), Devices Missing, Data Deleted, Criminal Activities Referred to Authorities

09/25/21 (The result of yesterday’s presentation of the audit results from the audit of the 2020 Election results in Maricopa County is clear –  the 2020 Election results in Maricopa County should never have been certified with Joe Biden as the winner. - Trump Won!)

Attorney Matt DePerno: Arizona Audit Officials Were Threatened – Forced to Water Down Audit Report (VIDEO)

09/25/21 (Following the public hearing, Michigan Attorney and Attorney General candidate Matthew DePerno tweeted out that he was told that Arizona attorney Cory Langhofer suppressed critical information from the audit report, including the statement that the election must be decertified. )

IT WAS A SETUP! FBI Admits Jan. 6 Was Deep State Operation – They Were Running At Least One Operative in the Crowd at the US Capitol (VIDEO)

09/25/21 (The FBI finally admitted they infiltrated the Jan. 6 rallies with informants.  In fact, one of the first “protesters” inside the US Capitol was an FBI informant. - I am sure there were  far more than just one FBI informant in the J6 set up.)

House Passes “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation Bill For Ex-Military Members — And Lots Of Republicans Voted For It

09/25/21 (The war on the Second Amendment continues. This time, gun control was slipped into the 2022 National Defense Authorization Act. In the legislation, those beholden to the United States Code of Military Justice could be issued a “military court protective order” by a military judge or magistrate, which would make “possessing, receiving, or otherwise accessing a firearm” illegal. Seizing firearms first and “getting the Due Process later” will never constitute sufficient Due Process, no matter how much anti-gunners may pretend it does. 135 Republicans in the House voted for the bill.)

Arizona Governor Ducey Does It Again – Sides with Biden and Fellow RINOs No Matter What the Facts Are with the 2020 Election in Arizona

09/25/21 (Ducey, who is a Republican, took to Twitter on Friday to say the election outcome would not be decertified and that the law did not allow for decertification despite demands from Trump.)

Arizona Audit Finds 25-30% of Duplicated Ballots Received Between November 4th-9th After They Knew How Many Ballots Were Needed

09/25/21 (According to Dr. Shiva, there was a massive surge of duplicate ballots AFTER the polls closed on election day. Between November 4th and November 9th, “25-30%” of all double votes were received by election officials, eventually getting counted in the final total.)

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Report Shows Fulton County, GA 2020 Election Had $2 million in Unsupported OT, 15 Missing Routers, an Agreement with the SPLC to Put in Place Drop Boxes, and More

09/25/21 (Stealing the election was not enough for them, they could not resist stealing money on top of the fraud election.)

Alberta ER doctor says hospital capacity crisis was ‘created,’ has nothing to do with COVID-19

09/24/21 (ALBERTA (LifeSiteNews) – An emergency room physician from Alberta has claimed that the hospital capacity crisis in his province was “created,” is nothing new, and is not from COVID-19 patients.)

Doug Logan from Cyber Ninjas Speaks After Dr. Shiva – Uncovers Additional 57,000 Issues (Not Counting Shiva’s 17,000 Issues)

09/24/21 (Doug Logan began his presentation by providing an overview of the process his team took in performing their work related to the audit of the 2020 Election results of Maricopa County.  Much of his team’s work was done at the Maricopa County Veterans Memorial Coliseum.)

Dr. Shiva at AZ Senate Hearing: Over 17,000 Total Duplicate Ballots — Votes By Those Who Voted More Than Once in Arizona — 1.5 Times Biden’s Winning Margin (VIDEO)

09/24/21 (Dr. Shiva announced on Friday that his team found 34,448 votes from those who voted more than once in Arizona in the 2020 election.)



Haitian migrants hijack buses, further embarrassing Biden administration

09/24/21 (A senior federal law enforcement official recently told the Washington Examiner: "They've been basically overpowering the drivers and they've actually hijacked a couple of the buses and driven them down the road a little ways and escaped.  This happened multiple times.")

The emperor has no clothes: COVID math simply doesn’t add up

09/24/21 (Eighteen months of COVID-related health data show the numbers promulgated by public health officials and mainstream media vastly overstate the risk of COVID and downplay the risk of vaccines. One of the biggest holes in the story is the trail of destruction that the experimental COVID vaccines are leaving in their wake, with hundreds of thousands of reported injuries in the U.S. alone and, according to some statisticians, as many as 150,000 dead Americans, following the injection.)

Must Watch: Tucker Carlson Raises Questions About Jan 6th Security Footage Showing Black-Clad Operatives Leading the Charge into The Capitol Building; “How Many Federal Agents Were Involved?” – (Video)

09/24/21 (After pointing out that power-crazed US intelligence agencies have done this sort of thing before – multiple times, including very recently to conservatives –  He had just one question for the people tuning in: “How many Federal Agents were there on January 6th?”)

An American Horror Story

09/23/21 (Thomas Caldwell’s is just one of several stories of American patriots living the nightmare of being American political prisoners. 

EXCLUSIVE: Jovan Pulitzer Shares His Thoughts on the Arizona 2020 Election Audit Report Out Tomorrow Along with Breaking Information

09/23/21 (Pulitzer complimented the audit team and the Senate led by Senator Karen Fann.  He shared that he was on pins and needles like everyone else.  All the findings are monumental according to Pulitzer because an effort like this has never occurred before.)

Elites at the IMF Suggest Banks Will Soon Be Using More than Credit History When Underwriting Consumer Loans

09/23/21 (Right now, your credit score — that three-digit number that tells lenders how responsible you are — is based on simple financial information, like your payment history and debt level. But research posted to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) website suggests companies will soon be looking at a lot more data to get an accurate picture of the risk you pose as a borrower… …Lenders could soon use data from your browsing, search and shopping history to create a more accurate credit score, researchers say.)

American Medical Association instructs doctors to use language swaps, push jabs in ‘COVID-19 messaging guide’

09/23/21 (Among the instructions from the AMA to doctors, is the note to change the words 'hospitalization rates' to 'deaths,' two terms that are not even remotely interchangeable. The AMA is concerned about the proliferation of misinformation and eroding trust, yet it’s telling its members to keep their professional views to themselves and lie about COVID deaths. With this guidance document, the AMA is essentially implicating itself as a source and instigator of medical misinformation that ultimately might injure patients.)

CDC Panel Considers Delaying Booster Jabs Decision By 1 Month To "Wait For More Evidence"

09/23/21 (Still, there are a number of challenges to approving only one brand's vaccine for boosting. Immunocompromised Americans have already been permitted to seek out third doses of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines because of concerns they may not have mounted a sufficient immune response to the first two shots. While they've been told they can receive the other brand's shot if they can't access the one they initially got, FDA isn't expected to allow mixing brands for people outside that category, which could sow further confusion.)

Biden Pushing For Dishonourable Discharges, Court Martials For Troops Who Refuse Vaccines

09/23/21 (The Biden administration is pushing for dishonourable discharges and even court martialing for troops who disobey orders to get COVID vaccines. )

“You Got Child Pornography on that Hard Drive – The Pictures of the Young Girl with No Clothes On” – Rudy Giuliani Speaks Out on Hunter Biden’s Laptop (VIDEO)

09/22/21 (Earlier this week Politico reported what we all already knew — the Hunter Biden laptop including its content of porn, drug use, child pornography, and major financial corruption was real and authentic. This was after Politico last year accused the Hunter Biden laptop story of being Russia disinformation before the election. Joining Politico last year —  50 former US intelligence officials lied and also claimed the Hunter Biden laptop reports were Russian disinformation.)

UPDATE: Husband & father dies after being denied ivermectin by hospital

09/22/21 (Melissa did everything possible to have other treatments such as ivermectin given to her husband, even engaging a law firm to persuade the hospital to take action, but from the outset she felt the doctor treating Todd “spoke disrespectfully” and dismissively to her. “I also have overwhelming anger for the medical system and the doctor who treated my husband and, up to the day he died, still refused to give him the Ivermectin and told me he wasn’t going to discuss it,” she explained. Kory said ivermectin is being “censored and buried” because it threatens “probably the largest financial interests you can imagine,” with the WHO, FDA and European Medicines Agency continuing to claim there are not enough studies to allow for its full authorization. Ivermectin trials have so far shown “massive reductions” in mortality, hospitalization, time to clinical recovery and viral clearance times, according to Kory.)

BREAKING – LEAKED AUDIO: Maricopa County Supervisor Steve Chucri Admits: “I DON’T FEEL COMFORTABLE WITH DOMINION” – And County Recorder Stephen Richer AGREES!

09/22/21 (They knew their earlier audit was “bullsh*t.”  They knew the election was stolen.  And they knew Dominion had issues. The truth is coming out.)

Experts warn of COVID vaccine risks at FDA hearing: ‘The vaccines kill more than they save’

09/21/21 (‘We have an unclear need with unclear motivation, significant safety concerns, poor evidence of sustained boost efficacy, and wrong priorities,’ said Dr. David Wiseman, a top Johnson & Johnson researcher. The FDA vaccine advisory committee’s booster shot hearing on Friday featured hours of testimony ahead of a 16-2 vote against the Biden administration’s plan to roll out third doses of the Pfizer vaccine for “fully vaccinated” Americans. The booster program, which may launch as early as this week, despite the FDA vote, has already spurred multiple resignations of top FDA officials.) 

Zombie Sheep Masking Kids

09/21/21 (In this age of COVID fear porn, there’s only one vaccine I really believe in: a vaccine for stupidity with booster shots for life. So when you see those people—and we’ve all seen them—walking outside by themselves, or in a car all by themselves, yet wearing a mask, those people aren’t into science. They’re not into data or facts. They think they are, but they’re not.)

BREAKING: Maricopa County Supervisor Steve Chucri RESIGNS From Office After TGP Exposé : “There Was No Cover-Up, The Election Was Not Stolen. Biden Won.”

09/21/21 (Yesterday, The Gateway Pundit reported that Steve Chucri said the Maricopa County-led post-election audit was “bullsh*t”. He also stated that his colleagues, Supervisors Bill Gates and Jack Sellers may just be afraid of an audit because they had close races. We also reported that Chucri believes there was “multifaceted” election fraud, with dead voters and ballot harvesting.)

The COVID vaccination program is the largest medical experiment in human history

09/21/21 (Never lose sight of the fact that by law, the vaccine manufacturers cannot be held liable for any illnesses or deaths their vaccines cause. And the unspoken law in America these days is that government bureaucrats cannot be held accountable, either.)

Here's a nurse who may have figured delta out

09/21/21 (The vast majority of the information outlets in America have been enlisted to join the government in a fiercely aggressive effort to force every living person to get the vaccine. The vaccine is very risky — far more so than getting the disease. The VAERS system for recording vaccine injuries shows breathtaking statistics despite being undermined by erasures, denial of reports, and failure to count eligible reports.

EXCLUSIVE: Maricopa County Supervisor Steve Chucri on 2020 Election in Leaked Recording: “I Think It Was Done Through DEAD PEOPLE Voting. I Think IT WAS MULTIFACETED – BALLOT HARVESTING” (AUDIO)

09/21/21 (Chucri said that the extremely small-scale audit, performed by Maricopa County and used to declare this election was free and fair, was actually “pretty bullshit“. “I should have never believed what I was being told”, Chucri said after believing that they could only audit approximately 47,000 ballots out of nearly 2.1 million. Chucri knew that Maricopa County needed a comprehensive full forensic audit to find the truth. Chucri knew that this was a fraudulent election.)

Federal Govt Whistleblower Goes Public with Secret Recordings: ‘Government Doesn’t Want to Show the [COVID] Vaccine is Full of Sh*t’; ‘Shove’ Adverse Effect Reporting ‘Under the Mat’


Medical Freedom: Stop the Medical Tyranny! Exposing hospital COVID abuse

06/20/21 (The Truth for Health Foundation is hosting its fourth online conference Wednesday, September 22 at 12pm EST.  Whistleblower doctors, nurses, attorneys, patient advocates, and journalists expose egregious abuses and neglect of patients in hospitals across the United States treating COVID patients. Shocking medical tyranny stories to be presented show how hospitals are becoming the equivalent of medical jails where patient’s rights are violated and life-saving care denied. Prisoners in America’s jails have more visitation rights than do COVID patients in America’s hospitals.)

FDA Panel Member on COVID Vaccines: 'Heart Attacks Happen 71 Times More Often….'

09/20/21 ("I have seen many, many new diagnoses of cancer; many, many new diagnoses of blood clots; many new diagnoses of atrial fibrillation; GI bleeding; and many, many, many new and “unexplained” diagnoses of thrombocytopenia.")

Medical associations back stripping licenses from doctors who warn against COVID-19 jabs

09/20/21 (On Thursday, September 9, the American Board of Pediatrics, the American Board of Family Medicine, and the American Board of Internal Medicine released a joint statement supporting the Federation of State Medical Boards’ (FSMB) July 29 decision that all boards should revoke or suspend the license and certification of doctors who question the safety of the experimental COVID-19 jabs. - Anyone still wondering why their doctors are not speaking up against the vaccines?)

Hospital pressured woman sick with COVID to use ventilator. She refused and is doing better

09/20/21 (For nine days, 78-year-old Aldrich was denied the care she requested for her life-threatening health conditions, even being forcibly placed into isolation. HAMILTON, Massachusetts (LifeSiteNews) — Following a nine-day ordeal in which she was refused treatment for COVID-19 and pneumonia, and effectively separated from her family, Janet Aldrich has been released from hospital. - If she had been put on ventilator, she would be dead.)

OUCH! Richard Ebright and 15 Top Scientists Eviscerate Fauci and Daszak in Lancet Medical Journal

09/20/21 (On February 2nd 2020, when confronted with first evidence the Covid pandemic may have originated in the Wuhan Lab he funded via Daszak’s EcoHealth Alliance, Fauci organized a conference call, apparently to discuss how to suppress this dangerous information, since the trail led straight to them.)

New York’s new governor wants Facebook to ‘curb the spread’ of the pro-life message

09/20/21 (Burying and censoring the truth about life inside the womb, the corruption of the abortion industry, and the brutality of abortion is crucial for the profitable abortion industry to successfully convince women that their preborn children are not human beings.)

What? New England Journal of Medicine Backtracks – Now Admits COVID Vax May Not Be Safe for Pregnant Women

09/20/21 (The study was updated after it found that 104 of 827 pregnant participants experienced a spontaneous abortion after receiving the COVID vaccine. That is roughly 1 of 8 pregnant women losing their baby after getting the vaccine.)

Explosive! Public health data: 80% of COVID-19 deaths in August were vaccinated people

09/19/21 (Further evidence proving the Covid-19 vaccination programme is a huge failure has been released which confirms throughout the whole of August 80% of the people who allegedly died of Covid-19 had been vaccinated against the disease.)

EU FREEDOM - PBS Compares European Conservative Leaders Viktor Orban, Marine Le Pen and Matteo Salvini to Adolf Hitler (VIDEO)

09/19/21 ( At the end of the show, Steves warned viewers of current fascists who like Hitler pose a threat to the global community.  Steves then included video of Victor Orban of Hungary, Marine le Pen of France, and Matteo Salvini of Italy, populist leaders with enormous appeal. And our tax dollars support PBS...)

Only ‘Hired Help’ Required to Wear Face Masks at Emmys While Celebrities Hug and Kiss Each Other (VIDEO)

09/19/21 (Rules are only for the rubes. Not one celebrity wore a face mask on Sunday evening at the 73rd Emmy Awards in Los Angeles.)

Vaccines Are for the Serfs: No Vaccine Rules for Global Elites at UN Meetings This Week — in NY City

09/19/21 (Presidents, premiers, monarchs, dignitaries, diplomats and their traveling staff members have been told by organizers they won’t have to show coronavirus vaccination passports or other proof of inoculation on arrival at U.N. headquarters on Turtle Bay, Manhattan.)

BREAKING: Dr. Fauci Funded 60 Projects at the Wuhan Institute of Virology and All Were in Conjunction with the Chinese Military

09/19/21 (We also know that all work in virology in China is connected with the Chinese military and therefore any work in China in this area is in conjunction with the Chinese military. I found out that he wrote a paper back in 2012 where he argued that gain of function research that’s genetically manipulating coronaviruses to make them even more dangerous and more transmissable, Fauci said that this was worth the risk of a pandemic.)

Eric Trump: We Didn’t Know Until 2 Days Ago Hillary Clinton Funded the Alfa Bank Mainstream Media Scam (VIDEO)

09/19/21 (Eric Trump: The problem with the Democrats is they dig so deep they finally find themselves. Eric Trump told Maria that the Trump family did not know until this past week that Hillary Clinton had funded the phony Alfa Bank story that the fake news mainstream media ran with during the Trump presidency.)

“For the Very First Time You’re Really Going to See How Sick this System is that We Call Our Election and Voting System” – Jovan Pulitzer Gives Terrific Interview on Upcoming Arizona Audit Results

09/18/21 (Pulitzer is the first pundit after the 2020 election to encourage Americans to focus on the ballots.  His ideas and arguments surrounding forensically auditing the ballots in the election made sense.  He argued that the ballots were tangible assets that could be provided in a court of law and that and deficiencies in paper, ink, counts, folds, layouts or other areas could easily be identified and explained in court.  For example, absentee ballots that don’t have folds, never made it through the mail.  Items like this are easily identified and isolated as invalid.)

What’s Going On? Arizona Recently Processed 673,000 Voter Identities with the Social Security Administration – 58% Had NO MATCH FOUND

09/18/21 (In the last 10 weeks, Arizona has checked the voter registration credentials with the Social Security Administration (SSA) on 673,560 applicants. This is a massive volume considering most States including Arizona typically process around 2,500 a month. They’ve processed more identities in the last 2 months than they’ve done in the last 9 years combined. Is someone scrubbing a database, or auditing “Federal Only” voters?)

Former Vice-President WHO European Advisory Group: “Unvaccinated people are not dangerous; vaccinated people are dangerous – Should be Quarantined” (Video)

09/18/21 (Professor Perrone is one of France’s most highly rated experts in infectious diseases and long-time vaccine policy chief. He is being censored and criticized despite his knowledge in the field of viral diseases and vaccines. To think that ivermectin is toxic is completely stupid: hundreds of millions, maybe billions of people in the world have taken ivermectin for diseases, for filariasis and so on. So it’s a very well-known product. No, it works; it’s completely proven.“) 

BREAKING: Armed Person Detained at J6 Rally is Undercover Agent, Pulls Out Badge (VIDEO)

09/18/21 (There were more police, reporters and undercover intelligence agents than protesters in Washington DC. The only armed person arrested on Saturday was an undercover agent. )

It Was a Setup: More Press, Police and “Undercover” Agents in Ray-Bans than Protesters at J-6 Rally in Washington DC

09/18/21 (Trump was right. President Trump told supporters the Justice for J-6 rally was a set-up. So the turnout was sparse. We all support the Jan. 6 political prisoners.  We just didn’t want to get set up by the government or shot by Capitol Police to prove it.)

FDA Hearing: Doctors and Experts Testify Government Data Demonstrates COVID Shots are Dangerous and May Kill More Than They Save (VIDEO)

09/18/21 (The panel voted 16-2 to reject extra doses of an experimental vaccine, citing insufficient data from incomplete clinical trials and the potential risk of heart inflammation – especially among young men. Dr. Joseph Fraiman, MD told the FDA on Friday that government does not have data to show the vaccine was more beneficial than it is harmful for teenage boys. Dr. Fraiman went on to say he cannot assure a nurse associate who is 30 that the vaccines are safer than catching the virus is for a healthy woman her age.)

FIREWORKS: Next Week Will Be Explosive – Indications Mounting that Both Arizona and Georgia 2020 Valid Election Results May Move These States to Trump NEXT WEEK

09/17/21 (Tonight the President of the United States, Donald Trump, sent a letter to Georgia’s corrupt Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger requesting he invalidate 43,000 ballots included in the 2020 Election which are missing the legally required chain of custody documentation.  This information likely comes from an ongoing case in Georgia that will go to court next week.)

Why is COVID Natural Immunity Being Ignored?

09/17/21 (immunology basics are taught in high school biology classes and if understandable to teenagers, they should be clear to the medical establishment and leaders of our national health institutions.. As we enter Fall with unpopular vaccine mandates and passports, dividing society in a new form of apartheid, why are basic immunology concepts like natural immunity being tossed aside?)

Nearly 15 million ballots are unaccounted for from 2020 election: report

09/17/21 ('This report reveals the potential for errors and fraud is extremely high with mail ballots and automatic voter registration. Of course, some in Congress are trying to mandate both automatic vote by mail and automatic voter registration.' )

BREAKING: The Government’s Spying on Candidate Trump in the DOJ’s Project ‘Crossfire Hurricane’ Started the Same Day Clinton Lawyers, Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele Met at Law Firm Perkins Coie

09/17/21 (Twitter sleuth Stephen McIntyre adds more to the Sussman indictment in a Twitter thread last night.  He notes that Sussman’s work was billed to the Clinton campaign.)

South Australia Testing Quarantining App That Combines Facial and Geolocation Technology to Determine Where You Are At All Times

09/17/21 (Intrastate travel within Australia is also severely restricted. And the government of South Australia, one of the country’s six states, developed and is now testing an app as Orwellian as any in the free world to enforce its quarantine rules. )

The Gateway Pundit Announces: AMERICAN GULAG – The Informational Website on the Jan. 6 Political Prisoners

09/17/21 (The Gateway Pundit is pleased to announce its unveiling of, an informational site about the more than six hundred and thirty (630) people Joe Biden continues to imprison and persecute, largely for entering a public building on January 6, 2021. )

Psaki Shares Inaccurate Information About COVID After Hectoring Newsmax Reporter for Asking ‘Inaccurate’ Question

09/16/21 (White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on Thursday denied that that the Biden Regime was punishing red states by slashing their supplies of Regeneron’s monoclonal antibody treatments, haughtily telling Newsmax reporter Emerald Robinson that the claim was “inaccurate.” However, in her answer, the press secretary made a few inaccurate assertions herself.)

Georgia hospital refuses to honor pleas from gravely ill couple to be treated with effective COVID protocols

09/16/21 (Urgent communications to state attorney general and governor requested to force hospital to honor Power of Attorney rights of patients and daughter acting on their behalf. “This is medical tyranny,” said the independent physician to LifeSiteNews, “[it is] a huge violation of every tenant of medical ethics and legal rights of patients.” - when Tyranny takes over, it takes over everything.)

EXCLUSIVE: COVID Whistleblower Claims the VAERS Reporting Database Tracking Vaccine Complications is WRONG and Undercounting by a Factor of 100!

09/16/21 (“I feel pressured not to use VAERS and many of my colleagues confidently tell me the same,” Dr. James said exclusively to the Gateway Pundit. “They are scared of the politics, of being outed, shamed, and ridiculed. It’s easy for a Doctor to lose their admitting privileges somewhere, and many know if they report something as a vaccine side effect they could lose their job.)

Fully Vaccinated Woman’s Family Blames Unvaxxed For Her Death: ‘She Was Infected by Others Who Chose Not to Be Vaccinated – The Cost Was Her Life’

09/16/21 (You can't make this stuff up. Obviously another side affect of the jab is STUPIDITY, and deafness, they cannot hear themselves talking nonsense.)

Biden Admin Bans Drones Over Del Rio Migrant Camp After Fox News Videos Show Thousands in Outdoor Detention Camp

09/16/21 (The number of migrants has grown from 4,000 on Wednesday to over 10,000 as of early Thursday evening. The situation is so chaotic that hungry migrants are returning to Mexico to buy food and then returning to the detention camp on the U.S. side of the Rio Grande. Local BP holding facilities are overwhelmed and over capacity.”)

Democrats Come Out Against COVID Vaccine Mandates for Illegal Migrants

09/16/21 (6,000 illegal aliens from several countries wait under a bridge this week in Del Rio before they are dispursed by Biden officials across the US. House Democrats rejected vaccine mandates for illegal aliens this week during the House Judiciary Committee hearing. Democrats voted unanimously to reject vaccine mandates for illegal aliens.)

BREAKING: FINAL AZ Audit Report Hearing Scheduled – Results To Be Released NEXT FRIDAY Sept. 24th at 1:00 PM

09/16/21 (The audit results are expected to be earth-shattering.)

New Missouri COVID Whistleblower: HOSPITALS are LYING to the public about COVID… and I CAN PROVE IT

09/16/21 (Another COVID whistleblower has come forward as exclusively reported by Gateway Pundit to allege that the statistics about ICU’s being overrun are wildly inflated, over-reported, and in many cases an outright LIE by political officials.)

Brandon Smith: How States And Communities Can Fight Back Against Biden's COVID Tyranny

09/15/21 (A war is coming. I have heard it argued that this war must be avoided; that it is “exactly what the establishment wants.” I disagree. I think globalists like those at the World Economic Forum certainly want enough chaos to provide cover for the implementation of their global “Reset” agenda, but they don’t want a full blown rebellion. They only want events in which the outcome is controllable or predictable – They do not want a massive organized resistance that might surprise them.)

UPDATE: GoFundMe de-platforms dad whose only son died after Pfizer jab

09/15/21  (A grieving father from Texas who recently lost his teenage son to the Pfizer vaccine has been kicked off the crowdfunding platform GoFundMe.  A mourning Ramirez told journalist Ivory Hecker that he “[k]ept hearing more advertising that [the vaccine] was safe for the teenagers” before he allowed his son to take the jab. “We need to yell, we need to fight, we need to do something – his life was worth much more than what the government or anybody else thinks,” “So, I mean, I love the hell out of my country, but I don’t trust my government anymore.” )

NEVER FORGET: Dr. Tony Fauci Killed MILLIONS when He Pushed Bogus Study that Downplayed Hydroxychloriquine Use While His Emails Prove He Knew of its Effectiveness

09/15/21 (And Fauci pushed at least one debunked study to condemn the use of hydroxychloroquine in treating the coronavirus in 2020. The study was debunked but Dr. Fauci never apologized for his lies.)

Moderna Says People Who Received its Covid Vaccine Early On Are TWICE as Likely to Get ‘Breakthrough’ Infection – Pushes Booster Shot

09/15/21 (“We are seeing concerning evidence of waning vaccine effectiveness over time and against the Delta variant,” Walensky said. Walensky continued, “Reports from our international colleagues, including Israel, suggest increased risk of SEVERE disease amongst those VACCINATED EARLY.”)

Lockdowns result in more lives lost than saved: Study

09/15/21 (‘Following the implementation of Shelter-in-Place polices, excess mortality increases.’ The researchers analyzed the statistics from 43 countries and most American states. Some of the countries and states had jumped into lockdowns immediately. Others waited for some time before the lockdowns were mandated. In both of these pro-lockdown approaches, however, the pattern was the same: there was an increase in non-COVID or excess deaths.)

Milley Responds, Claims Usurping Presidential Power To Give Enemy Advance Notice Just Part Of 'Regular Communications'

09/15/21 (We fool ourselves if we don’t think that could happen in America. If we allow this continued insubordination of our top military leaders against our duly elected civilian leaders – regardless of whether we agree or strongly oppose any given policy – to succeed, we run the risk of paralyzing our government in a moment of crisis or one day suffering a coup. To forestall that possibility, we need to stop this trend dead in its tracks now. Milley must be relieved of duty. Today.)

HUGE: Uttar Pradesh, India Announces State Is COVID-19 Free Proving the Effectiveness of “Deworming Drug” IVERMECTIN

09/15/21 (This state has an estimated population of 241 million people in 2021 and has the highest population in India.  This is almost two-thirds of the United States population in 2021 and yet it is now a COVID-19 free nation. The active caseload in Uttar Pradesh is down to 269, while the percentage of active cases against the total confirmed cases is 0 per cent. The active caseload, which was at a high of 3,10,783 in April, has reduced by over 99 per cent.)

COVID Whistleblower: Doctors about to QUIT, Pressured to Vax themselves, Pressured to LIE

09/15/21 (A New York City ICU Nurse has courageously come forward to say that she and many other doctors are being pressured into unsafe vaccines and are ready to quit. An estimated 10-15% of Doctors may quit their jobs rather than be forced to receive an unreliable and risky vaccine, according to a new COVID Doctor whistleblower.)

Fauci: May Take ‘Many, Many’ More Vaccine Mandates to Get Pandemic Under Control

09/14/21 (“If someone refuses the vaccine in the general public, then there’s nothing you can do about that,” he said, concluding “you cannot force someone to take a vaccine.” Yet, last week, President Biden announced sweeping mandates for federal workers, federal contractors, certain healthcare workers, and members of the private sector.)

Chuck Schumer Unveils Legislation to Make Voter Fraud Legal in the US (VIDEO)

09/14/21 (The legislation amounts to a federal takeover of the elections – a dream for Democrats despite clear language in the US Constitution that clearly puts this responsibility in the state’s hands. As is typical the GOP is completely silent today as Democrats push this move to corrupt our election system. Republicans are not up for this fight. They have failed their constituents once again.

REPORT: Milley Told China in Secret Phone Call He Would Give the CCP Advance Warning if US Was Ever Going to Attack

09/14/21 (“In a pair of secret phone calls, Gen. Mark A. Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, assured his Chinese counterpart, Gen. Li Zuocheng of the PLA, that the U.S. would not strike, according to the new book written by Washington Post associate editor Bob Woodward and national political editor Robert Costa.)

“I Don’t Know” – Secretary of State Blinken When Asked if Biden Admin Droned an Aid Worker or High-Level ISIS Operative (VIDEO)

09/14/21 (On day two of his testimony, Blinken admitted he doesn’t know if the guy Biden droned was an aid worker or a high-level ISIS operative. The Pentagon claimed two high-profile terrorists were killed and one other was wounded in a drone strike a couple weeks ago. It turns out ten family members, including innocent CHILDREN were killed by Biden’s drone strike.)

Bush Denigrates ‘War on Terror’ Veterans 

09/13/21 (Backers of America’s costly “War on Terror” seek the approbation of their one-time enemies at the expense of those who heeded their calls to defend the country.)

EXCLUSIVE: Attorney says there is no law or Supreme Court precedent that allows for forced ‘experimental injection’

09/13/21 (Thomas Renz, who is representing healthcare workers in Michigan in a legal challenge to jab requirements, said there’s “no question that the fundamental right to bodily integrity exists, and supersedes the state’s interest, even in preserving life.”)

Medical Experimentation and Collective Punishment Are War Crimes

09/13/21 (Fake President but Real Dictator Joe Biden: "We are going to protect the vaccinated workers from unvaccinated coworkers."  Ah, if only the "vaccinated" workers had as healthy immune systems as their unvaccinated colleagues.  Whatever the friendly U.S. government is injecting into people, it's certainly not inoculating against or inhibiting transmission of the Fauci Virus if the "vaccinated" must walk around in bubble-boy suits for the rest of their lives.)

Sec. of State Blinken Refuses to Say if He’s Been Questioned by FBI in Hunter Biden Case

09/13/21 (During a House hearing Monday, Secretary of State Antony Blinken refused to disclose whether he was recently interviewed by FBI agents regarding Hunter Biden’s interactions with the State Department during the Obama years.)

Exclusive: Ashli Babbitt’s Mom Responds to George W. Bush

09/13/21 (In a text to American Greatness writer Julie Kelly today, Mikki Witthoeft, the mother of Ashli Babbitt, responded to George W. Bush’s 9/11 speech where he appeared to compare January 6 protesters to Islamic terrorists:)

Revolting against the dystopian COVID vaccine manifesto with data, science, in order to save humanity

09/13/21 (There is only one rational conclusion from examining all the data: COVID vaccines are both unsafe and ineffective. If the forces of evil pushing medical tyranny prevail, then a very dark vaccine dystopia probably awaits us. A warning is appropriate. Reading this article will likely increase your anxiety and fear. But not the fear constantly propagated by the evil Dr. Fauci and his supporters. He wants you to fear the COVID virus and to accept vaccination, masking, lockdowns, school closing and other forms of medical tyranny.)

New doctors’ group Pandemic Health Alliance argues for early treatment to fight COVID-19

09/13/21 (Instead of pointing to the vaccine as the most effective way to prevent death and disease, these medical doctors stress the importance of treating the virus early on, using effective medications such as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine. The manifesto insists that the blocking of early treatments that is taking place right now in the United States is “sentencing high risk patients to death.”)

Capitol Fence Going Back Up Ahead of Rally in Support of January 6 Political Prisoners on September 18: Capitol Police Chief (VIDEO)

09/13/21 (The elites hate the American people and will continue to impose their tyranny from behind a fence with razor wire. They  will protect the Capitol against peaceful American Patriots, but refuse to protect American citizens from the Taliban)


‘Violates Florida Law’ – Gov. DeSantis Announces Cities, Counties That Require Employees to Get Vaxxed will Be Fined $5,000 Per Infraction (VIDEO)

09/13/21 (“We are here today to make it very clear that we are going to stand for the men and women who are serving. We are going to protect Florida jobs,” DeSantis said during the news conference. “We are not gonna let people be fired because of a vaccine mandate.”)

Head of Tokyo Medical Association recommends ivermectin for COVID treatment

09/12/21 (In recent months, a growing number of American physicians have discovered that Ivermectin works. But, according to The Last Refuge, President Biden's Department of Health and Human Services is taking steps, through the liability insurance system, to suppress the issuance of ivermectin prescriptions.)

Lara Logan drops dynamite Fox News segment on Biden's sweeping vaccine mandates

09/12/21 (Ms. Logan began the show reporting on new directives to OSHA not to report on COVID vaccine side-effects.  She then segued into recent reports from the U.K. and Israel that report on serious problems with the vaccines.)

Republicans in SoCal Have Trouble Casting Recall Ballots – Many Told ‘They Already Voted’ – Even Though They Had Not

09/12/21 (Voters were forced to fill out provisional ballots after they were told the computers showed they already cast their ballots. Estelle Bender, 88, a Republican, told KTLA 5 that she spoke with many others in the same polling place and they were all told incorrectly that they had already voted. The one thing all voters had in common? They are all Republicans.)

George W. Bush's swipe at domestic extremism: Who was he talking about?

09/12/21 (Bush is publicly comparing 9/11 to Jan 6 They want Trump supporters treated like jihadists Are you paying attention yet?)

Why Believing in Long-Term Vaccine Safety Is Simply Irrational

09/11/21 (Whether or not to get vaccinated is a decision that must be weighed differently and individually by each American. Such decisions must remain in the core domain of personal liberty.)

A few inconvenient facts about Biden's vaccine mandate

09/11/21 (Joe Biden took to his little lectern on Thursday, shaking with righteous anger.  As you already know, he wasn't angry at al-Qaeda/Taliban terrorists who slaughtered thirteen Americans last month.  Nor was he angry about the sex trafficking flowing into America through our southern border and on planes loaded with unvetted Afghan "refugees."  Instead, his anger was reserved for those intransigent Americans who refuse to get vaccinated.)

"A Decision They'll Regret" - Australia Regulator Bans Ivermectin Use As COVID-19 Treatment

09/11/21 (William Campbell and Satoshi Omura in 2015 won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for the discovery and applications of ivermectin. The World Health Organization features ivermectin on its List of Essential Medicines. It is also an FDA-approved antiparasitic agent. Doctors and health care professionals have considered ivermectin as a repurposed medicine in tackling COVID-19, especially when used in early treatment. Many have praised ivermectin for having successfully helped thousands of their patients survive the initial waves of COVID-19.)

There is no “Delta variant” – no clinical test can diagnose you with “Delta” and the entire narrative is a media-fabricated scam

09/11/21 (Besides the fact that PCR tests are completely fraudulent to begin with, hospitals are now refusing to show patients who supposedly test “positive” for the latest Delta variant their actual test results, which means there is no way to prove that anyone actually has it. “Are vaccinated patients being denied information from tests performed on their bodies because ‘medical experts’ don’t want them to know they have the same type of COVID they were vaccinated against?” Interesting question...)

TREASON: Biden declares WAR on America, threatens to remove governors who resist covid vaccine mandates

09/11/21 (“If they’ll not help,” Biden mumbling during his announcement, “if these governors won’t help us beat the pandemic, I’ll use my power as president to get them out of the way.” Were someone to say this same thing about Biden, the Secret Service would likely intervene to try to prevent a possible assassination. When Biden says it against state governors, though, liberals apparently cheer with excitement.)

The Only Fact about 9/11 that Really Matters

09/11/21 (Thanks to delusional, feckless cowards in Washington, there will be another 9/11 and only those who understand the true lesson of 20 years ago can save us from it.)

BREAKING HUGE – President Trump: “They Are Going to Decertify This Election!”

09/11/21 (Our election was rigged.  This was a rigged election.  They used COVID and they used the mail in ballots to rig the election.  We won the election by a lot and they rigged it and its a terrible thing and I do believe they are going to decertify this election.  I don’t think you can have an election that was rigged to the extent that this thing was.)

“Children of the Same Foul Spirit” – George Bush Compares January 6 “Domestic Extremists” to Islamic Terrorists in 9/11 Speech (VIDEO)

09/11/21 (Bush watered down Islamic terrorism during his speech and said January 6 “domestic extremists” and jihadists share a “disregard for human life” and a “determination to defile national symbols.” “They are children of the same foul spirit, and it is our… duty to confront them,” Bush said.)

Minnesota Republican gives vaccine-concerned nurses a voice in live event

09/10/21 (. “And then as far as transparency goes, we were also at one point reporting positive COVID cases of people that were vaccinated and I feel like, I don’t know, must have been two three short weeks later, a mass email that said we don’t want to know anymore whether they’re vaccinated or not.”)

Vaccines Mandates Today, China's Social Credit System Tomorrow?

09/10/21 (If California's Democrats get their way, their state will become the first to write vaccine mandates into law. If California's Democrats succeed, they will take the nation down a dangerous path, one that could lead to a social credit system.)

New January 6 Stories That Complicate the Media Narrative

09/10/21 (story from 09/06/21)  (What really happened? The story just keeps getting weirder. Social media has promoted a September 18 Capitol rally to follow-up on the January 6 protest. But the “Proud Boys” have denied that any such rally is being organized. Rather, the Proud Boys have called the event “bait,”  If you rally in DC right now, you’re an idiot and you’re going to get people thrown in jail or worse.” The FBI said of the event, “This rally has obtained a permit. The numbers are expected to be large.” Who applied for this permit? The Proud Boys or the FBI?)

Biden is Prepared to ‘Run Over’ Republican Governors Who Fight His Vaccine Mandates

09/10/21 ( “Biden’s vaccine mandate is an assault on private businesses. I issued an Executive Order protecting Texans’ right to choose whether they get the COVID vaccine & added it to the special session agenda,” Abbott tweeted in response Thursday evening. “Texas is already working to halt this power grab.” - Thank God we have Governors that will fight against Tyranny)

How Americans can resist coronavirus shot mandates – a comprehensive guide

09/10/21 (Here is a comprehensive list of resources, including sample exemption letters, for Americans seeking relief from forced coronavirus injections. Americans in many different fields of work are suddenly having to choose between taking an abortion-tainted, poorly tested, and dangerous coronavirus injection or being fired from their jobs.)

White House Chief Of Staff Admits Vaccine Mandate Is A "Work Around" The Constitutional Objections

0910/21 (White House chief of staff Ronald Klain offered a doozy this week when he admitted that the announced use of the authority of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) for a vaccine mandate was a mere “work around” of the constitutional limit imposed on the federal government.)

Denmark Lifts All Covid Restrictions, Including Requirement That People Show Proof of Vaccination – Virus No Longer Considered ‘Socially Critical Disease’

09/10/21 (Denmark has become one of the first countries in the European Union to ease all of the domestic restrictions that were put in place to control the spread of Covid-19. )

“Have at It” – Joe Biden Taunts Republicans Vowing to Fight His Unconstitutional Vax Mandate (VIDEO)

09/10/21 (Biden suggested the 80+ million unvaccinated Americans are vermin when he said he has to “protect the vaccinated from the unvaccinated.” - Let that sink in, he wants to protect the "vaccinated" from the unvaccinated.... what does the vaccine protect you from?)

Biden's Vaccine Fiat Forges A Fascist Pharma Corporate State

09/10/21 (the state requiring that businesses require the vaccine from one of three large corporations that were propped up by the state is undoubtedly the merger of state and corporate power that Mussolini dreamed of. We are now facing one simple question: will we accept or reject a precedent for the merger of state and corporate power?)

America Last: Joe Biden Expected to Waive Sanctions on Syria to Allow Pipeline Project to Hezbollah-Controlled Lebanon

09/09/21 (On his first day in office, Joe Biden killed off 42,100 jobs by ending construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline and the end of construction of the Trump border wall. Then in May Joe Biden waived sanctions on Russia’s gas pipeline to Germany. And now the Biden administration is expected to waive sanctions on Syria to allow an energy deal with Hezbollah terrorists that includes an oil pipeline through Syria to Lebanon.)

Blinken: “The Taliban Are Not Permitting the Charter Flights to Depart” ….But It’s Totally Not a Hostage Situation (VIDEO)

09/08/21 (Blinken also admitted there are “limits” to what the Biden Admin can do to help the hostages without “personnel on the ground, without an airport with normal security procedures in place.” - So.... why did they leave before getting all our citizens and equipment out?)

BREAKING – HUGE: Results of Canvassing in Arizona Released – ELECTION STEAL IS NOW CONFIRMED

08/08/21 (For all of those who knew this election was stolen, those who were ridiculed or labeled conspiracy theorists – You have been vindicated.)

Scientific correctness and COVID

09/07/21 (After political correctness abridged our "offensive" freedom of speech and sense of humor, scientific correctness took the center ring in the planetary circus.  If P.C. enforced margin boundaries on not so free speech, scientific correctness aspires to muzzle not only "the commoners," but the world-class specialists.)

Unreal: Secretary of State Blinken Says Taliban Won’t Allow Stranded Americans at Mazar-i-Sharif Airport to Leave Because They Lack Valid Travel Documents

09/07/21 (Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Tuesday denied reports that the Taliban was preventing Americans from flying out of Afghanistan from the Mazar-e-Sharif airport. Blinken said the Americans and SIV migrants were not allowed to leave because they lacked valid travel documents. But! for a few billion, Taliban will see to it that they get the right papers...)

Australian state leader plans ‘vaccinated economy’ that will ‘lock out’ those who refuse COVID jabs

09/06/21 (MELBOURNE, Victoria, Australia (LifeSiteNews) – The leader of the southeastern state of Victoria in Australia warned unvaccinated people that they will be locked out of society under his plans for eventually reopening the economy.  

South Florida Doctor Says She Won’t Treat Unvaccinated Patients (VIDEO)

09/06/21 (Dr. Linda Marraccini told NBC Miami that unvaccinated people are not allowed into her office because they pose a risk to her immuno-compromised patients. Marraccini says she is not violating her Hippocratic Oath and insists her decision is not political, rather it is based on “science.” Is it the same Science that directs her to refuse ivermectin and HCQ? asking for a friend)

Why all the fuss about Ivermectin and why is the establishment attacking it?

09/06/21 (First hydroxychloroquine, now ivermectin, is the hated deadly drug de jour, castigated by the medical establishment and regulatory authorities. Both drugs have been around for a long time as FDA-approved prescription medications. Yet now we are told they are as deadly as arsenic.)

The Great Computer Chip Shortage Of 2021 Is Just Heating Up

09/06/21 (The great computer chip shortage of 2021 will likely get worse before it gets better.  This conclusion was reached following brief study and anecdotal review. Moreover, while COVID lockdowns may have initially triggered the shortage, several decades of shortsighted decisions and simmering geopolitical tensions make it much more than a matter of fixing a few broken links in the supply chain. )

Aussie Health Chief: COVID Will Be With Us "Forever", People Will Have To "Get Used To" Endless Booster Vaccines

09/06/21 (“We need to get used to being vaccinated with COVID vaccines for the future … I can’t see COVID is not going to be with us forever,” said Chant said during a press conference last week. “As a public health doctor we always want to have diseases go, to be totally eliminated, but that is not on the horizon in the near future,” she continued. “Booster doses and repeat doses will be part of it.”  - Once the ruling class gets this much power, there is no letting go - ever.)

Where are the apologies for spreading 'harmful misinformation' about fake ivermectin overdoses in Oklahoma hospital?

09/06/21 (It is all part of a campaign to demonize ivermectin, and totally false.  The original story appearing in Rolling Stone was as fake as that magazine's University of Virginia rape hoax. So where's the accountability?  There is no tag from Twitter calling this misinformation.  No sign on Maddow's Twitter feed that she takes responsibility for spreading a false story that could lead to people not taking an effective medicine. )

Stand by for violence, maybe terrorism, coming from unvetted Afghan male 'refugees'

09/06/21 (U.S. Rep. Tom Tiffany says that, of the approximately 2,000 evacuees from Afghanistan at Wisconsin's Fort McCoy when he visited recently, "none of them were there on a special immigration visas." He claimed that the Fort McCoy Afghan refugees are not properly vetted. - Suicide by Insanity, the New America)

AZ State Senator Wendy Rogers: “The Audit Is Coming Guys, I Promise You… This Is Real. Keep The Faith”

09/05/2 (The audit report has been delayed all this time by enemies of the audit. Now members of the team are still recovering from COVID-19. Once all team members are healthy and able to focus on the task, they will finish the report and it will be presented to the public. It is a process and it is coming. Also – other information is coming out I can’t disclose. Just know that it is all going to happen and this is real. Keep the faith.)

WAYNE ROOT: The Government and CDC Are Lying About Covid Vaccine and Ivermectin. The Question is Why?

09/05/21 (At this moment Israel, the most vaccinated nation in the world, has more Covid infections per capita than any country in the world.)

TRUMP WAS RIGHT: In August 17th Interview He Predicted Taliban Would Hold Americans Hostage for Ransom — And Now They Have

09/05/21 (Congressman Michael McCaul told Chris Wallace today the planes will not be allowed to leave until the US recognized the Taliban terrorists as the legitimate government of Afghanistan. The Americans are being held hostage.)

UPDATE: SIX PLANES in Northern Afghanistan NOW HELD HOSTAGE BY TALIBAN — Filled with Americans and Afghan SIV Holders #BidenEffect

09/05/21 (Now we know why the media was ignoring this story.
The Taliban is holding the planes filled with Americans HOSTAGE in Northern Afghanistan! Our heroes and the people they rescued are sitting ducks, hostages of the Taliban, who operate the airport at Mazar-i-Sharif. It’s only a matter of time before they’re targeted. The Taliban want recognition from the US gov’t, in order to receive a lot of money.)

Registered Democrat Caught Storming US Capitol, Attacking Police Pleads with Court for Light Sentence Because He Is Not Trump Supporter

09/05/21 (It turns out he was shouting at the crowd extremely violent rhetoric while loosely wearing a MAGA hat to make the real Trump supporters appear violent by association. Reeder was the typical Biden agitator who wanted to interrupt the Republican objections inside the Capitol. And he wanted to frame Trump supporters as violent insurrectionists.)

How Big Pharma corrupts public health

09/04/21 (Vaccines are a multi-billion-dollar industry, and the revenue from them is rapidly growing with the advent of the ones for COVID.  The prime example is Pfizer.  The company estimates that 2021 sales for its mRNA vaccine will be $33.5 billion. When it comes to the COVID vaccines, science is not leading the way.  Money and politics are.)

Two utterly fascinating facts about COVID

09/04/21 (I learned two facts today, one about COVID's survival rate and the other about eye-opening medical information hidden within the bowels of the CDC. )

Heather Mullins on Massive Dropbox Stuffing Scandal: They Have Data from GA, AZ, WI and Several Other States – Average Leftist Operative Hit 23 Ballot Dropboxes a Night (VIDEO)

09/04/21 (This was a massive organized effort by the American left to commit fraud. There is video that captures 240 ballot traffickers in Georgia.  Each of the traffickers averaged 23-24 drops where they would empty backpacks into the ballot boxes.)

New Text Messages Reveal 2nd Battalion 1st Marines Were Given “a Countdown” Before Kabul Airport Bombing – It Started About Two Hours Out – They Are Now Being Silenced

09/04/21 (The Taliban allowed the bomber to get through the perimeter.  The Marines did not allow the bomber to get through the inside perimeter.  He was outside the gate when he detonated his explosive vest by the crowded Abbey Gate at the Kabul Airport. Following the attack, one Marine wrote a text message to The Raid Team.  The Marine who was on the scene disclosed that there was a countdown before the suicide bomber detonated himself.)

A Gift from Joe Biden and Woke Generals: Taliban Parades Hundreds of US MRAP and M1117 Security Vehicles in Latest Victory Parade (VIDEO)

09/04/21 (You’d think there would have been at least ONE general who would have thought this was a bad idea. Apparently, not. They all were silent as the Biden regime decided to abaondon US weapons and military equipment for the Taliban.)

Sounds Racist: FDA Scares Off Americans from Taking “Horse Drug” Ivermectin for COVID — But Pushed the Drug on African Migrants in 2015

09/04/21 (Nobody can get rich from Ivermectin, but they make billions from the "vaccines", that are not really vaccines. This never was about the virus or about saving lives - always follow the money)

A COVID testing facility in Colorado reveals the con behind the panic

09/03/21 ("She makes a point in her email to tell me that she is the only one from Aspen to Texas that can get me a rapid result. So she was willing to let me wander in her community unvaxxed, untested, and without a means to test—why? Because she isn’t afraid. None of you are.")

Why all the fuss about Ivermectin?

09/03/21 (The FDA says ivermectin “can be dangerous and even lethal,” yet they approved it in 1998 and have not pulled it from the market despite it being “dangerous and lethal.” Any medication can be “dangerous and lethal” if misused. People have even overdosed on water.)

Wisconsin Legislature Votes to Perform Audit of State’s 2020 Presidential Election Results Beginning Soon

09/03/21 (On the morning of November 4, 2020, the day after the 2020 Election, Wisconsin had received 140,000+ ballots all for Joe Biden giving Biden the lead in the state by 20,000 votes.  These ballots have never been forensically audited.  It is about time.)

UPDATE: True the Vote Prepared to Go to Police in Georgia with Video Evidence of Leftist Operatives Dumping Thousands of Ballots into Georgia Voter Drop Boxes — MORE STATES INVOLVED

09/03/21 (To date, law enforcement has not taken action. Make no mistake, what we have found will be made known. If law enforcement doesn’t initiate investigations, we have plans to release all data, all video, publicly. - Hint, don't give it to the FBI, they will bury it for good.)

BREAKING: THEY GOT CAUGHT! Investigators Have Video of 240 Leftist Operatives in Georgia Dumping Thousands of Ballots from Backpacks into Drop Boxes in Middle of the Night!

09/03/21 (The leftist operatives were identified making numerous drops in the middle of the night. They were filmed emptying their backpacks of ballots into the drop boxes in the middle of the night. Ballot harvesting is not legal in Georgia. This is criminal behavior caught on video!)

CDC Admits COVID Lethality Rate Overstated – Twice As Many Americans Had COVID as Previously Thought

09/03/21 (That means the mortality rate is cut in half. For some reason they are just finding this out now? And yet they demand you believe their ever-changing “science” and treatment plans.)

Professor David Clements Gives A HUGE Audit Update On The Pete Santilli Show – MARICOPA: “It’s Far WORSE Than Anything I Could Have Imagined. Oh,It’s TERRIBLE.”

09/02/21 (I’ve been privy to some of the findings that are going to be released and people aren’t going to believe just how bad Maricopa is. People are expecting it to be bad. It’s far worse than anything I could have imagined. Oh, it’s terrible.)

More Individuals and Counties are Calling for a Forensic Audit in Wisconsin

09/02/21 (We’ve reported repeatedly how the Wisconsin Speaker of the House is reluctant to have a full forensic audit performed in Wisconsin like the one performed in Arizona.  Recently Vos said he would move forward with a forensic audit but he still seems reluctant.)

Biden Pressured Afghan President To "Create Perception" Taliban Wasn't Winning "Whether It Is True Or Not"

09/01/21 (But just as President Biden was delivering his prepared remarks, Reuters was quietly publishing a leaked transcript from the president's final call with Ashraf Ghani, which took place in late July. The call offers a more realistic picture of a Biden Administration obsessed with the optics of the pullout, who was still pushing the Afghans to focus on an irrelevant strategy shift to try and make it look like they were doing something in the face of Taliban defeat.)

CDC Director’s Guidance for Labor Day Weekend: All Americans Should Wear Masks Indoors, Unvaccinated People Should Not Travel (VIDEO)



NEW: Pro-Antifa California Teacher Caught on Video Bragging About Radicalizing Students to Be Fired After Project Veritas Exposé

09/01/21 (Gabriel Gipe, the AP government teacher at Inderkum High School, was exposed by Project Veritas in an undercover sting. “You need to retrain the way people think. Consistently focusing on education and a change of cultural propaganda, it’s like we have to hit both fronts. We have to convince people that this [Socialism] is what we actually need,” he said.)

Media Melts Down After Joe Rogan Says He Recovered From Covid in 3 Days After Taking Ivermectin, Z-Pak (VIDEO)

09/01/21 (Rogan said he recovered in 3 days after taking monoclonal antibodies, Ivermectin, Z-pak, prednisone, IV vitamin drip.)

REPORT: DoD had Foreknowledge of Kabul Airport Bomber – Denied Permission to Fire Predator Drone that had Lock on Him – 13 US Heroes Dead

09/01/21 (During their conversation, Pardo-Maurer told Ramos the Department of Defense had foreknowledge of the Kabul Airport suicide bomber but denied permission to fire a Predator Drone missile once they had a lock on him.)

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