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Quick Summary of Accomplishments

Accomplishments of President Donald J. Trump



Building Economic Prosperity

Created a historic economic expansion that benefitted all Americans and will do so again following the interruption caused by COVID-19 from China.


Passed historic tax cuts, providing much-needed relief for American families, and putting American businesses on a level playing field with the rest of the World.


Created Opportunity Zones to spur investment and job creation in forgotten communities.


Restored American manufacturing, putting in place policies to bring supply chains back from overseas.


Preserving and protecting Social Security for seniors.

Accomplishments of President Donald J. Trump



Historic Deregulation

Cut regulations at a historic pace to free up American businesses, meeting and far exceeding the promise to cut two regulations for every new one.


Ended the Obama Administration’s war on coal as promised,, rolling back the so-called Clan Power Plan, WOTUS (waters of the United States), stream protection rule and other overregulation.


Replaced the Obama Administration’s disastrous CAFÉ (Corporate Average Fuel Economy) standards and rolled back burdensome Dodd-Frank provisions, as promised.


Regulatory relief will save Americans $377 billion per year, or $3,100 per household.

Accomplishments of President Donald J. Trump



Lifting Up American Workers and Families.

Put in place policies to lift up working families, including releasing the first presidential budget in history to include a national paid family leave plan.


Invested in workforce development to ensure American workers are prepared to gain high paying, family-supporting jobs.


Promoted school choice to ensure all families have access to quality education for their children.

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