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Software Glitches

Software does what you tell it to do. Software that changes ballots from "Trump" to "Biden" does not have a "glitch" issue. It has a corruption issue.





Amy Coney Barrett


Anti-Catholic bigotry .. when Ginsburg (a devout Jew) was nominated Feinstein did not object that "The dogma lives loudly in you" and commentators like Maher did not portray her as a barking religious fanatic.. ~Jonathan Turley.


It’s no accident that Democrat Governors and Mayors are the ones fighting the hardest to keep the economy closed.

It’s no accident that Antifa thugs are showing up with bricks and Molotov cocktails to lead riots and burn cities on the very week many businesses were set to reopen.

This was planned, organized, coordinated, and funded by Soros and pals. Thugs are being bused into cities to lead riots. Their weapons have been delivered to protest sites ahead of time.

The liberal DA’s and liberal sheriffs (put in place by the funding of George Soros and pals) let felons out of prison. ..

Chicago mayor ordered all hair salons closed, then the democrat went to a hair salon. .

The mayor of Philly orders lockdowns / closes restaurants, then the democrat caught eating indoors at a Maryland restaurant.. no mask. No social distancing..

Note the intentional abuses of basic liberty that have been inflicted recently in the name of the Wuhan virus, downgrading the exercising of First Amendment rights to a non-essential activity, handing out $500 tickets for attending drive-in worship services, collecting license plate numbers in church parking lots..

The fact that Pelosi did not wear a mask / any social distancing inside a hair salon makes it perfectly clear that she knows it is not medically dangerous to not be wearing a mask..

Soccer moms are not allowed to get their hair styled but politicians are?

It is now evident that this is an orchestrated attempt to destroy CAPITALISM. First sports, then schools and finally commercial businesses. Time to RISE UP and push back. Bars and restaurants should defy the order. Let people decide if they want to go out…

- Sheriff David A. Clarke, Jr.

There is something unusual about the continuing pandemic panic.. the World Health Organization’s special envoy on COVID-19, Dr David Nabarro, called on world leaders to stop using lock-downs because they were making “poor people an awful lot poorer.”

Remember when Fauci said masks might make emotional Karens: ‘Feel A Little Bit Better,’ but will not stem the spread of covid? >> We Do. ..

Social distancing prevents prompt herd immunity.. if you flatten the curve, you also prolong it, and it takes more time. No good medical reason for a disease to stay in the population longer than necessary…

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