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2020 Election is a Miscarriage of Justice

By Jay Whig November 22, 2020 American Greatness

The basic structure of our litigation system and the misbehavior of Biden supporters may be depriving the president of a remedy, and leading to a miscarriage of justice.

On Thursday, President Trump’s legal team held a press conference.

At the presser, Rudy Giuliani claimed, extravagantly, that there had been widespread, coordinated ballot-box stuffing, carried out via mail-in ballots and the obstruction of observers.

Giuliani maintained that rejection of these ballots, which were either defective or whose integrity could not be verified, would be sufficient to overcome large deficits in battleground states.

Giuliani also claimed his litigation team would be able to prove these complicated schemes in court.

Most television media did not show the press conference.

CNN’s infotainment impresario Brianna Keilar refused to air the press event on the grounds that “it is so bananas that we can’t even bring it to you.” Keiler, of course, meant “will not” rather than “can’t.” Keiler doesn’t seem to grasp that if the Trump team’s claims were really “bananas,” the most persuasive thing a respectable cable news channel could do to demonstrate that fact would be to show it. The media is running the show!

But the media are only running the sale of eyeballs to advertisers.

In truth, the bench and the bar are running the show.

In the case of a presidential election, litigation is uniquely complicated by two things. One, the presidency is the only office elected by the entire nation. Two, the presidency is also the only office in the country too powerful to sit vacant, even for a moment. The disruption of the transfer of the office from one holder to another is a great danger.

The scale and timing of presidential elections mean Trump’s litigation team has very little time to uncover and prove a very complex scheme. Ordinarily such litigation would take years. Let’s understand why.

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