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Barack Obama — Who Spied on the Trump Campaign — Compares President Trump to a Dictator (video)

By Jim Hoft November 16, 2020

The propaganda never stops.

Dozens of US newspapers pushed the BS that Joe Biden and Kamala will bring healing to America

This is after Democrats stole the 2020 election.

But as TGP readers know — We caught these cheaters and — It ain’t over yet!

Last night Barack Obama went on “60 Minutes” to lash out at President Trump

Obama compared Trump to a dictator who is only hungry for personal power.

This was quite a statement for a man who set up and spied on President Trump during the campaign and then during the transition period.

This is quite a statement considering President Trump:

** brought peace to the Middle East ** brought peace to Kosova and Serbia ** neutered Kim Jong Un ** withdrew US troops from Syria ** ended the endless war in Afghanistan ** recorded the lowest unemployment rates in 50 years ** recorded the greatest stock market gains in history ** rewrote NAFTA ** rewrote China trade ** closed off the border and built a wall

Trump’s accomplishments are endless.

Full Story with Video Here

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