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Biden Undermines Rule of Law

Judicial Watch January 22, 2021

Biden and the Rule of Law

President Biden began his presidency with a disturbing inauguration speech that signaled his administration will target any political opponents who reject his radical agenda. This would be a continuation of Obama-era practices, which saw the Obama IRS, DOJ, FBI, CIA, etc. used to target Obama opponents ranging from small citizen Tea Party groups to then-candidate Donald Trump. Indeed, that virtually no ordinary Americans were allowed to view the proceedings in person thanks to a politicized military shutdown of our nation’s capital doesn’t augur well for this Republic and our civil liberties.

And then Biden immediately undermined the rule of law by shutting down virtually all deportations and essentially ending all enforcement of our nation’s immigration laws. You can read the details

And, of course, Biden’s mere presence in office is a challenge to the rule of law because of his personal corruption issues.

There is substantial evidence, from documents and witness statements, that the Biden family, including President Joe Biden, may have been involved in criminal activity involving, among other issues, foreign entities tied to Ukraine and China.

Joe Biden’s son Hunter has already acknowledged that he is the target of an FBI criminal investigation. (Judicial Watch was the first to document that Hunter took five trips to China while his father was vice president!)

A special counsel should immediately be appointed because the Biden Justice Department is conflicted in investigating any matter that could implicate President Biden or his immediate family. The fact that it hasn’t happened yet tells you a lot about the partisan corruption of the Justice Department and FBI.

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