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Coincidence? Former CIA official warns events in US election match that of Venezuela’s

By Ramon Tomey December 9, 2020 Natural News

(Natural News) A former intelligence official warned that events in the recent U.S. presidential elections mirror similar events in Venezuela’s 2004 referendum polls. The former senior Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) official explained that irregularities that happened during the Nov. 3 polls were “eerily similar” to vote fraud that helped the late Venezuela President Hugo Chávez stay in power.

The official noted similarities between the 2020 U.S. elections and 2004 Venezuela referendum elections, most notably the sudden stop on ballot counting. President Donald Trump said during a Nov. 4 speech that vote counting in a number of states he was leading had been “called off” without explanation earlier that day, which suggested potential cheating and vote fraud.

The events in Venezuela 16 years ago appear to be coincidental, with the official sharing what happened in the country that time: “At midnight of the [June 2004] election, the machines were counting. At 3:00 a.m., Chávez suddenly won by ten percent; before [that time], the result was opposite.”

The ex-CIA official pointed to another instance of vote fraud mentioned in a Nov. 25 Philadelphia hearing, in which observers testified that the city’s election board processed hundreds of thousands of mail-in ballots with “zero civilian oversight or observation.”

Lawyer and certified canvass observer Justin C. Kweder told Pennsylvania state lawmakers during the hearing that what he saw “was problematic to say the least.” Kweder then proceeded how the Philadelphia Board of Elections prevented observers from scrutinizing the canvass. “The board of elections erected a fence about 50 feet tall into the hall that ran the length of the room: All observers were corralled behind the fence,” the lawyer said, adding that “more than a hundred” workers were processing mail-in ballots on the other side.

Venezuela election officials had been instructed to do the exact same thing to help Chávez win the 2004 referendum, the former intelligence officer said. “They have a manual … [to] tell you exactly what you need to do in order to execute the [election] fraud,” he added.

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