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Debating a Dem is easy: Jesse Watters concise dismantling of Biden for President

Every time Democrats blame Trump for the virus, they are giving the Chinese Communists a free pass. “Biden will kill the economy with lockdowns, tax hikes, and regulations.”

Jesse Watters. Story by Robert Jonathan, October 11, 2020

“Biden just throws out 200,000 dead as proof Trump failed and says the economy is bad. That’s his campaign in a nutshell. But Biden was against both travel bans and wanted to keep the country locked down longer. So Biden would have killed more people and jobs. Case closed. Biden doesn’t even have a plan to confront the virus…Everything Biden said he’d do, Trump already did,” Watters insisted.

Watters went on to suggest that the Obama/Biden administration did little during the opioid epidemic that claimed the lives of 200,000 Americans. “They didn’t lift a finger to fight fentanyl flying in from China.”

Jesse Watters also recalled how 300,000 military veterans died in mismanaged VA hospitals during the Obama years. Possibly reflecting on Joe Biden’s 47-year career in elected politics, Watters rhetorically asked what problems the Democrats have actually solved. They failed to control crime or homelessness, illegal immigration, the war on terror, and “they can’t manage the forests or nursing homes. “They can’t even manage a website; they can’t even keep the lights on in California.” The Fox News host also insisted that Joe Biden sold America out to China.

As far as Biden’s petty criticism about Trump not wearing a mask, Watters listed all the hypocritical Democrats who have been caught without facial coverings, including Biden himself, N.Y. Gov. Andrew Cuomo, U.S. Sen. Diane Feinstein, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in her famous hair salon visit, plus “mask shaming” CNN reporter Kaitlin Collins. “When Democrats think the cameras are off, no mask.”

The Watters’ World host threw cold water on Biden’s concern about social distancing because the Democrat candidate didn’t say a word when rioters and anarchists were flooding the streets during protests. “Biden backed the mob.”

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