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General population is now being brainwashed into thinking that not being black or brown is racist

By Hal Morris February 22, 2021 Abyssum


Several months ago, I wrote an article that included a reference to HBO removing the movie Gone With The Wind from its film catalog until it could add a disclaimer to the introduction explaining the film’s unfavorable treatment of Blacks and slavery. This morning I happened to read two stories in the New York Post about two NYC School administrators, one White and one Hispanic, who were removed from their positions as school administrators.

The white administrator, Karen Ames, who is Jewish, over 40, had to take a demotion to protect her pension, is now suing NYC. During an administrative bias workshop, participants were asked to tell personal stories; Ames, who talked about her grandparents’ experiences in the Holocaust, was chastised, told she wasn’t Black enough. She refused to participate at the end of the Superintendents meeting by singing black power “Wakanda” and performing the “black power salute. (New York Post, Susan Edleman, 2/20/21.)

A Dominican-American administrator and veteran Bronx educator, head of Community School District 12 in the Bronx, Rafaela Espinal, after the conclusion of an administrative meeting, also refused to use the black power salute and sing “Wakanda.” She was fired only one year short of her pension. Desperate to keep her retirement benefits and health insurance, she accepted a demotion to school investigator, a relatively minor role without a phone desk or office. (New York Post, Kathianne Boniello, 2/20/21.)

When coupled with the turbulent “cancel culture” and the “politially correct” movement, these seemingly insignificant incidents indicate the hysteria being forced upon this country by a minority of Black activists and their radically left Whites, enthralled by their newfound power over the majority White and Hispanic population. The general population is now being brainwashed into thinking that not being black or brown is disgraceful and racist.

Guess who the brainwashers are? Yes, you’re right. They are the far-left communists and socialists (Black and White) committed to using race as their tool to weaken and divide our country. The political aspirations of the Democratic/Socialist party benefit from this mayhem. The Biden’s, Harris’s, Schumer’s, Pelosi’s, Schiff’s, and the rest of their political hacks keep getting elected on their false promises to make things better for the poor inner-city Blacks. They never have!

There can be no plausible denial that communist-trained activists dominate the BLM leadership and strategies. Now add the far left print and television media whose ranks are overrun with Marxist ideals. Now add to this mix the Hollywood elitists falling all over themselves to preach to the general public how much Black Lives Matter. They postulate their message of shock and dismay to Whites in upper-middle and higher socio-economic ranks who are made to feel guilty of being White and can’t wait to apologize over our past southern historical connections to slavery and Jim Crowism.

American corporations are frightened by the threats of being blackmailed by protests, strikes, and boycotts. They would like us to falsely believe that poor inner-city blacks’ problems and Blacks’ image today are still solely the results of slavery that ended over 150 years ago. That is just nonsense.

The radicals would like to paint a picture of all Blacks the same way. However, each year more and more black families in our country increase middle and upper-middle-class socioeconomic levels. The BLM hustlers and the far-left politicians, for political purposes, use poor inner-city Blacks as the true story of our country’s Black experience. It is just not true, and it is deliberately distorted.

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