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Impeachment & The Attack on the First Amendment

January 19, 2021 Judicial Watch

“This impeachment is about the attack on the First Amendment,” Tom Fitton stated on Friday in the Judicial Watch Weekly Update.

The House of Representatives’ last minute impeachment of President Donald Trump is an attack on the First Amendment rights of all Americans, Fitton explained. In his view, Congress rushed an impeachment process on constitutionally questionable grounds, largely ignoring the due process rights of the President and his right to exercise his First Amendment rights.

“He was given no opportunity to present evidence on his behalf. His God-given rights to defend himself were rolled over by the Left who saw this as a crisis to take advantage of.”

The articles of impeachment which charged the President with the “incitement of insurrection” were part of an attempt to “outlaw and criminalize concerns about the election,” Fitton argued. Denying the President an opportunity to defend himself before the House vote, “impeachment is now the equivalent of a resolution,” he continued. “We have political figures in control of our government who don’t care about the civil liberties of their political opponents.”

The latest impeachment proceedings, in Fitton’s view, demonstrate how many in Congress are “willing to break the Constitution in order to take away President Trump’s civil rights and make yours harder to exercise.”

If you’re concerned about your First Amendment rights in the age of rushed impeachments and Big Tech censorship, support Judicial Watch today. We are your voice for transparency and accountability in Washington.

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