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Justice Dept official confirmed FBI opened criminal investigation into Hunter Biden & Associates

Justice Department official confirmed Thursday that the FBI opened a criminal investigation into Hunter Biden and his business associates focused on money-laundering, and that it remains “open and active,” Sinclair investigative reporter James Rosen reported on Twitter.

A recently leaked audio recording allegedly from Hunter Biden’s laptop features the younger Biden discussing in a phone call his business involvement with a “f—king spy chief of China, and how both he and his father Joe Biden have been named as witnesses in a Southern District of New York criminal case.

“I am receiving calls from the Southern District of New York from the U.S. Attorney himself. My best friend in business Devon has named me as a witness without telling me in a criminal case and my father without telling me,” Biden lamented in the phone call.

Bobulinski came forward last week to blow the whistle on a multi-million dollar Biden family business deal with CEFC, a Chinese Communist government-linked energy firm.

Epimentor: the MSM is still trying to suppress this story - it's not working...

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