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Looking Ahead to Trump’s Second Term

By Nicholas L. Waddy November 30, 2020 American Greatness

What should a second term for Trump look like? Rooting out “the swamp” is the only way to defeat this plot once and for all.

So many articles are being written these days about the likely shape of a potential Biden Administration that it’s high time we asked the question: what would a second term for Trump look like? More importantly, what should it look like?

Given the growing evidence of a rigged election, and the fact that neither the U.S. Supreme Court, nor the Electoral College, nor Congress have weighed in on who the next president will be, it seems at least plausible that Trump could prevail while Sleepy Joe snatches defeat from the jaws of victory. If so, we can expect much gnashing of teeth among leftists. More than a few neighborhoods will be burned down, more than a few stores will be looted, but, in the end, when the leftists have cried their eyes out, it will be time to get back to the business at hand: making America great again. Here is how it can be done.

First, it would seem that, after a long period of trial and error, Trump has mostly settled on a cabinet that works for him. Bill Barr and Mike Pompeo, for instance, have been rendering good service. Moreover, leftists despise them, which is the highest possible recommendation that either man could receive.

Some changes to the cabinet should be considered, however. Trump should try to lay the groundwork for a further expansion of minority support for Republicans. To that end, there are some excellent Hispanic Republicans who potentially could be added to the cabinet, such as Brian Sandoval in Nevada and Susana Martinez in New Mexico. Both would also help Trump to bolster his support in the Southwest, which is clearly a weak area for the modern GOP.

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