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Myth vs. Fact: Access to Healthcare

From U.S. Congressman

David Schweikert Arizona's 6th District


Republicans want to take away your healthcare.


Republicans want to expand choices in the marketplace and allow you to control your healthcare.

"I believe that Washington, D.C. has long focused on “who gets to pay for your healthcare” instead of focusing on “how we can make healthcare more affordable and improve our quality.” This is an issue to blame BOTH Republicans and Democrats on, which is why I have moved my focus towards advocating for solutions that give Americans control of their care.

My focus for healthcare policy has been on:

  • Promoting new technology proven to make healthcare costs more affordable

  • Expanding telehealth services for accessible care

  • Improving access to affordable health insurance choices

Many of my Democratic colleagues have focused on “Medicare for All,” a program that would allow the government to take FULL CONTROL of your healthcare, increase taxes, and ration access to care. These are just three facets of what an one-size-fits all approach to healthcare would create for Americans, and continues the dialogue around “who gets to pay."

While these are just three facets of an incredibly complex topic, I know that it can be confusing to hear what your representative supports, so I wanted you to hear it directly from me. I do support protecting pre-existing conditions, I believe we must be focused on bipartisan solutions for reducing prescription drug prices, and I want all Americans to have choice and control of their healthcare."

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