Myth vs Fact: Small Business Relief


US Congressman David Schweikert

Representing Arizona’s 6th District.

MYTH: Democrats are helping small business owner keep their doors open.

FACT: Republicans have consistently advocated for additional PPP loan relief.

Throughout COVID-19 negotiations, Republicans have consistently worked to ensure our small businesses are supported with resources and liability protections.

The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), saved over one million jobs in Arizona. While many businesses are now open and able to welcome loyal customers, many are still closed or are struggling to stay open due to the pandemic. Republicans are working to provide a second round of PPP resources in any future COVID-19 relief legislation, as this has proven to save jobs and keep doors open.

This week, my Republican colleagues will be forcing a vote to extend the PPP and allow small businesses to take a second draw loans. I will be proud to support this legislation, and I am hopeful my democratic colleagues will join us.

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