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NRCC Distributes Memo to House Republicans Fighting Back Against ‘Election Irregularities’ in PA

According to the Speaker of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, several election irregularities in Pennsylvania require urgent attention and necessitate an audit of the state’s election results.

1. Partisan Democrats on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court unilaterally extended the deadline to receive late ballots and mandated that ballots without a postmark would be presumed to be timely.

a. This unconstitutional decision occurred just weeks before the November 3rd election and created chaos and confusion across Pennsylvania.

b. Democrats on the court unilaterally bypassed the state legislature, which is vested authority over state elections by the U.S. Constitution.

2. Pennsylvania’s Democrat Secretary of State, Kathy Boockvar, directed county officials to accept absentee and mail ballots even if the signatures on the ballot did not match.

a. Her last-minute decision goes against long-standing Pennsylvania law and ignores one of the most basic tools to fight election fraud.

b. Boockvar has repeatedly expressed her dislike for President Trump and her desire to remove him from office on social media.

3. Democrat election officials in largely populated Democrat-run counties allowed some voters to “cure” potential “defects” on their ballots.

a. However, not all counties were permitted to “cure” ballots prior to the election, raising equal protection concerns that voters from different counties were treated differently.

4. Poll watchers across Pennsylvania were denied the opportunity to meaningfully observe the vote count.

a. Watching the vote count ensures transparency, fairness, and accuracy.

b. Denying poll watchers access raises the suspicion that Democrat-run officials had something to hide.

5. An unprecedented 100,500 provisional ballots were issued across the state of Pennsylvania.

a. It is extremely rare to issue provisional ballots on such a large scale.

b. Officials must be sure that provisional ballots were not issued to people who had already turned in their absentee or mail-in ballot.

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