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Obama, Biden and Schiff committed treason against America through cyber warfare election fraud

By Ethan Huff December 4, 2020 DC Clothesline

(Natural News) The “kraken” is finally being released, and it is revealing that big Democrat names like Joe Biden, Adam Schiff and Barack Obama committed treason against the United States by engaging in cyber warfare against our election process.

Gen. Thomas McInerney, one of President Donald Trump’s allies in the fight for a fair and honest election, told Worldview Weekend‘s Brannon Howse during an exclusive interview that the election fraud conspiracy runs much deeper than many realize, involving enemies both foreign and domestic.

Contrary to what some are now saying that this is all just politics as usual, McInerney confirmed that traitors who occupy high-level positions both in our government and in foreign governments have been colluding to steal elections for many years.

Obama utilized the scheme to win reelection in 2012, for instance, while the Democrat Party used it during the most recent primaries to prevent Bernie Sanders from beating Joe Biden.

“You know that’s politics, we’ve been cheating,” McInerney says about the common excuse that is given for such “irregularities.” “No, it’s not politics – this is treason.”

According to McInerney, the United States has never seen this magnitude of treason in its history. Consequently, there is no possible scenario in which patriotic Americans should ever accept the claim that Joe Biden “won” the presidency.

So when will Obama, Biden and Schiff be Prosecuted?

As it turns out, treason is a unique offense being the only crime expressly defined by the Constitution as applying to Americans who have betrayed their allegiance to the nation. The penalty for treason is death.

With that said, many are wondering when these high-profile traitors will finally face the music for their crimes, which have been going on for decades. These crimes would seem to have culminated in the 2020 election, which McInerney says is the worst instance of treason this country has ever faced.

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