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PROOF: Facebook interfered, tampered with fraudulent 2020 election

By Ethan Huff December 9, 2020 Natural News

Natural News) Phil Kline of Team Trump has dropped another bombshell about Facebook’s treasonous efforts to direct the outcome of the 2020 election.

In addition to forking over cash to the media and various far-left “third party” organizations like Rock the Vote that were given exclusive front door access to private voter rolls, Facebook also funneled money directly to local governments, including Fulton County, Georgia, where massive voter fraud took place.

These private grants, Kline warns, are illegal because they circumvented state legislatures, which are in charge of authorizing all election activity in their respective states.

“Fulton County officials illegally accepted more than $6 million in private grants that imposed conditions on the conduct of elections without authority from the state legislature,” Kline tweeted on Dec. 6.

Data experts have also uncovered evidence showing that as many as 200,000 votes were either illegally cast or not counted in Georgia which, if accounted for, would easily overcome Joe Biden’s current 10,000 vote “lead” in the state and deliver a victory to President Donald Trump.

“Data experts put the total number of illegal votes counted and legal votes not counted at more than 200,000, far greater than the margin separating Joe Biden and Donald Trump in the state,” Kline further wrote.

In exchange for placing drop ballot boxes all around the county, Facebook awarded Fulton County that $6 million lump sum, epitomizing the type of fascism that leftists claim to oppose.

“The #AmistadProject filed a law suit in Georgia because Fulton county accepted a 6.3 million grant donated from Mark Zuckerberg funneled thru a special interest group ‘Center For Tech and Civic Life’ (CTCL),” tweeted Bruce LeVell.

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