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Simplest Source of Voter Fraud Is Baked Into the System

By Ilana Mercer November 22, 2020 American Greatness

In a rank, raw democracy, where might makes right, and almost every vote is a lien against someone’s private property; voter fraud by default is a big deal.

To vote in Washington State, as in most states, all that’s needed is a driver’s license or a current state ID card. Essentially, the American voting system, thanks to the triumph of left-liberalism, is based on an honor system.

Journalist John Fund’s research has shown that when they vote; “80 percent of non-citizens vote Democratic.” And that “6.4 percent of non-citizens voted illegally in the 2008 election.” Funds’ sources confirm that a significant number of “non-citizens register as voters” and have voted in sufficient numbers to sway elections. And when these efforts fail, the government might step in and commit indirect voter fraud.

For instance, in 2016, or thereabouts, the Feds wrongly granted citizenship to hundreds facing deportation, an “error” the culprits were unwilling to correct.

The point is that the progressive Left—Obama’s Justice Department in particular—pursued every legal remedy in the book against states seeking to require proof of citizenship from voters.

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