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Situation Update, Dec. 16th – Epic counterattack readied against “Cyber Pearl Harbor”

By Mike Adams December 16, 2020 Natural News

(Natural News) Today’s Situation Update for Dec. 16th is embedded below. It runs about 87 minutes. Here are the highlights:

  • Results of Dominion Voting Systems forensic audit concludes the machines are deliberately designed to alter votes through artificially high error rates followed by manual adjudication (fixing) of ballots.

  • Dominion machines were set to a 68% error rate in Antrim County, and then a 70% error rate in Clark County, Nevada, now showing two counties involved in the criminal election rigging and theft.

  • Trump knows this “Cyber Pearl Harbor” is bigger than 9/11.

  • Mitch McConnell goes “full RINO” and tells other Senators to accept the Biden electoral votes on Jan. 6th.

  • President Trump accuses Dominion machines of producing “fake election.”

  • Sidney Powell calls for every Dominion voting machine to be seized and forensically audited.

  • 57% of Republicans believe Trump victory still likely through court action.

  • Wisconsin Supreme Court renders decision about voter ID on special ballots, effectively throwing 200,000 votes into dispute. (This is how Trump wins Wisconsin.)

  • Trump accuses Michigan Secretary of State of criminal misconduct.

  • Details about the SolarWinds hack and the CISA Emergency Directive 21-01.

  • GOP Chairperson of AZ says GOP electoral votes are the “legally cast votes” for the state.

  • How a Jan. 6th “contingent election” is likely to turn out.

  • Prather says Trump will wait until the very last minute to invoke the Insurrection Act.

  • Trump could nullify all U.S. national debt owed to China, over China’s use of biological weapons and cyber warfare against America.

  • Lin Wood tells Americans to prepare, seemingly about getting ready for troops in the streets.

  • The Fourteenth Amendment allows Trump to strip electors from public office if they violate their oaths of office and support rebellion or insurrection. This means Trump could instantly win the Jan. 6th electoral votes by simply invoking the Fourteenth Amendment before that day.

  • Lin Wood says GA Gov. Kemp and Sec. of State Raffensperger will soon be going to jail.

  • The AMA rescinds its attacks on hydroxychloroquine. It was all a sham to get vaccines approved under “emergency authorization.”

  • Veterans Affairs wants to vaccinate black veterans first, because it’s always blacks who are used in medical experiments.

  • GOP Representative calls for Pelosi to vaccinate all lawmakers. We say YES! Triple vaccinate them!

  • On MSNBC, Dr. Gupta says even after you get a vaccine, you still can’t travel, you might get infected, and you have to wear a mask. Seriously WTF?

  • Jeff Rose in at the DOJ. Richard Donoghue moves up into deputy position. Huge implications.

  • Former FBI official pleads guilty to receiving bribes.

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