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The 2020 Insurrection

By Peggy Ryan January 4, 2021 American Thinker

Can we now stop calling this an election? By pretending this insurrection is a legitimate democratic process, we're playing into our enemy's hands, giving credence to the lie that a decrepit, corrupt, sickly old man, Joe Biden, has been elected president of the United States. This is not an election; it's a coup.

A coup d'é any "sudden and decisive action in politics, esp. one resulting in a change of government illegally or by force." Note that the definition says "illegally or by force," thus equating a rigged election with a military invasion. But election fraud is the weapon of choice for these enemies. They concentrated their efforts on one objective: capture and occupy the White House.

Every phase of this operation was mapped out well in advance of this election. Governors-turned-tyrant imposed lockdowns to keep people from the polls. The panic press scared people into staying home as much as possible. This virus hysteria was used as a pretext to send out millions of mail-in ballots to everyone, dead or alive, legal or illegal, real or imaginary.

Then it was a matter of deploying troops — governors and secretaries of state to bypass any law that might exclude the fake ballots from the final count; boots on the ground in counting centers to enter and re-enter the fraudulent votes; Dominion software to flip Trump votes to Biden. This was nothing short of a coordinated, full-on attack on our Republic.

They even announced their intention to steal the White House long before the election.

  • Speaker Pelosi: "One Way or Another,' Trump Will Not Be President in Ten Months"

  • George Soros: "Trump 'Will Disappear In 2020 Or Even Sooner'

  • "Democratic data firm predicts 'chaos' on election night with Donald Trump set for landslide victory which will take days to be revealed as victory for Joe Biden thanks to postal votes"

How did they know how the election would play out months ahead of time? How did that data firm know that it would be a Trump landslide but a Biden victory? They knew because they helped orchestrate the steal. They're part of a mega-powerful group trying to overthrow our government — Democrats, Republicans, Deep State, media, corporate America, tech tycoons, activist judges, China, Russia, and others. It's pretty much everyone except the American people.

The plan was simple: get Biden over 270 electoral votes, period. Those hundreds of thousands of supplemental votes (mail-in ballots) in addition to Dominion's flipped and/or fabricated votes and the cabal had a foolproof plan, no way to lose.

Yet on November 3, it was déjà vu, with the election shaping up to be another humiliating defeat for Democrats. Joe Biden was losing and losing big. Panic set in, and someone sounded the retreat. Five states withdrew from the action and stopped counting votes.

This move is solid evidence of a conspiracy to overthrow the United States government. It's impossible for five states to independently, separately decide to take the same unprecedented action at the same time. Yet that's what they would have us believe as Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Nevada simultaneously stopped counting votes.

So who sounded the retreat? Who gave the order?

The plot thickened when these states didn't really stop counting and instead picked up the pace. They brought in additional ballots through the backdoor, pulled out hidden suitcases filled with ballots, and backdated ballots to get them in before the deadline. Hundreds of thousands of ballots were dumped into these five states overnight.

When the president's team calls out the fraud, Democrats cry foul and demand proof. Trump's team obliges, provides thousands of sworn statements attesting to the fraud; a video of a woman pulling out boxes of ballots from under a table; truck-drivers' testimony that they transported batches of ballots across state lines; election workers who were instructed to backdate ballots; and much more, enough to overturn Biden's win in all five states. Yet nothing happens. The evidence is ignored. Our supposed honorable judges deny election challenges in case after case, refuse to even look at the evidence.

In this respect, this election is very much like the OJ Simpson trial, where the prosecution also presented a mountain of evidence — OJ's hair in a cap found at murder scene; five different DNA blood samples that put OJ at the scene of the crime; Nicole Simpson's blood in OJ's car, on his driveway, in his home — enough physical and circumstantial evidence to prove that it was indeed OJ at the Bundy residence with a knife. Yet the jury chose to ignore the evidence and returned a verdict of not guilty. In other words, the evidence made no difference, had no effect on the outcome.

It's the same with evidence of 2020 election fraud. Governors deny it, and judges ignore it. Yes, the evidence proves fraud beyond any doubt, but it makes no difference if the government and courts disregard it, if proof of a rigged election doesn't change the outcome.

Americans want the president to fight the steal. But I've seen some high-minded conservatives say the president shouldn't invoke the Insurrection Act because they think it's unconstitutional. Hellooo! It's an insurrection! What do these people need to see before they understand that our Republic is under attack?

But maybe this soft coup is too nuanced for them. Would they have recognized the assault had the enemy used military force instead of an illegal election? If armed forces gunned down our troops, stormed the White House, and forcefully removed our president, would they fight back then? Or would these virtue-signaling Republicans concede that sure, they had to use guns and tanks to get in the White House, but hey, they got in, and possession's 99% of the law?

That's essentially what those who accept Joe Biden as the winner are saying. Sure, Democrats cheated, lied, broke the law, conspired to overthrow our government, and used their media to cover up their crimes, but hey, they ran out the clock, got Biden over the finish line, he wins.

No, Joe Biden will not be president, because Joe Biden lost the election.

To the government/media cabal staging this coup, you don't get to force an unelected dictator on America. You don't get to take our massive power, our vast wealth for yourselves because you pulled off a cheap illusion. Whether we have enough honest people in government to expose the Biden lie or not, we know the truth: we elected President Donald J. Trump to a second term. We will not allow an enemy occupation of the White House.

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