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There's a case for Sidney Powell's circumstantial evidence

By Robert Kirk November 24, 2020 American Thinker

There has been much speculation since Sunday as to why the Trump legal team would throw attorney Sidney Powell under the bus. The suggestion has been made, not only by left-leaning media outlets, but also those formerly seen as trusted news sources, that Powell's contention that the election was stolen largely through the manipulations of Dominion voting machines employed in battleground states are the ravings of a crazed conspiracy theorist.

My opinion differs. That opinion, likely shared by many of the 73 million voters who chose Trump, is informed not only by common sense and a regard for the truth, but also from my work as a prosecutor successfully trying scores of cases to judge and jury.

Ms. Powell's summary of the facts, as presented at last Thursday's press conference and as expounded upon during the past few days, is the kind and quality of substantial evidence, which, if presented to a jury, would easily result in a unanimous verdict by all twelve jurors, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the re-election of Donald J. Trump was stolen through the use of the Dominion voting software systems installed in states throughout our country.

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